Friday, September 21, 2012

*In The Spotlight*

Drive by Friday post...
hi friends! Happy weekend.

The past couple of weeks American Crafts has been highlighting
a design team member so you can get to know them & see some of their work.

Yesterday it was my day! I don't normally blast posts about myself -
but I think this was a FUN one... American Crafts Spotlight

You can read everything there, I don't want to bore you with repeating, so
I'll just share my creations I did for the post:

Shine On, Son!
(photography by: Andie Smith)
yes, I'm STILL scrapping Shaypher's SR. photo's 2 years later -
they're too good NOT to!
Plus...he still looks the EXACT same. HA!!

He's down in San Marcos at school & boy do I MISS HIM.
I haven't seen him since he left.
I'm craving his hilariousness. He keeps me in stitches. Ha!
The Welcome Committee
(photography by me and David B - my bro in law)
My sisters are probably so excited (not) to see they're on the internet. HA!
That's my oldest sister to the left, my older sister in the middle & me!
This was Jan. 2011 when our sweet Presley Blake P was born!

My middle sis and I drove down to Houston for the event...
we were the Princess' welcome committee!
Terry (left) being a "grandmom", Melinda (middle) & myself being "great aunts!"

Presley is born to my beautiful niece Taylor.
just recently celebrated being cancer FREE for 10 years!
Isn't she gorgeous?
(pretty sure she's excited about newest role, MOM to her "mini me.")
Here's their sweet family whom I love so very much:
(from their wedding this past June!)
I could eat that little princess up!
Wanna hear a funny about her?
(and wasn't this a drive by post anyway? yeah...well...)

I know this is only going to be funny to me.
My sisters, niece & Pres were all together the other day.
They're trying to get Presley to say my older sister's name, Melinda.
She flat out said...."no, LA-LA!" - i'll take that.
She was pointing to me.  "La-La". She calls me lala..♥

sorry Mel - she must think LaLa is easier to say.
(or she likes me better?!? LOLOL..just kidding)

gosh I love that kid.
I mean she totally makes my ovaries HURT.
(don't worry, I'm way too old, LOL)