Wednesday, October 3, 2012

*American Crafts Projects*

hi friends! how in the world is it already WEDNESDAY?
happy hump day! 

today I'm stopping by to share some American Crafts projects with you.

Up first is a project that was on the AC Blog yesterday - it's a tutorial!

Here's what I made:

(to see everything I used & how I did it, plus step by step photos, simply click on the above link!)
I have it hanging in my scrap studio. It looks perfect there!
Here's a pic:
I played with the new panoramic cam on my iphone - whoa, that's the coolest thing!
That's what this pic is - a panoramic view of one of my studio walls. You can see my "dream"
on the far left.
here's a closer shot:
(both iPhone quick shots so I could show you, lol)

It's just the right touch. I'm glad I put it there.

Now how about a couple more projects?
These are for the AC DT gallery -

Cutest Invite EVER!
there's our cute baby again! Little Presley Blake who is now 20 months old.
This  was her 1st birthday invite this past January.
I took that photo of her. Her mom-mom and dad-dad loved it so much
they made it her birthday invitation.
I was honored! Isn't she the most beautiful little girl!
I had to scrap the invite...
anyway, that's all Amy Tangerine's new On The Go line all on there. YUM.
I did add some different thickers - but everything else is Amy T. I love her stuff. ::sigh::
there's my precious kiddo's! ::sigh:: (done alot of sighing today, huh!)
(On Amy Tangerine's On The Go line again - that's one of my FAVORITES!)
I love love LOVE those kids. So proud of them.
I can't even believe I have a 20.5 year old  and a 21.5 year old!
Wasn't I just 21? why yes - the day I got married, LOL!
22 when I had my first baby, 23 my 2nd baby...
and here I am today. O.L.D.
but happy! Blessed. so VERY blessed.
I was HONORED to see that Two Peas In A Bucket  highlighted that layout this past Friday!

that's all I have to share today -
but before I go. I wanted to ask a simple something.

if you are a praying person - could you PLEASE lift my sister Melinda up in your prayers?

Tomorrow she's having her 4th cornea transplant.
She's been through HECK the past 10 years battling a disease called keratoconus.
not in just one eye - but both!
I simply pray that the doctors have steady hands,
that the transplant takes & that she recovers FAST!
Hopefully this will be her last transplant.

I just want to also thank all the donors out there that have given to the receivers like my sister.
I'm so sad they had to pass away - but am forever grateful and will consider them my heroes
for saving people, like my sister.
she's my best friend!

Thank you in advance for saying prayers and thinking positive thoughts.
Our family appreciates you like no tomorrow!
This is my sister Melinda with our gorgeous great niece Presley:
Thank you everyone!
I'll be back soon - I'll fill you in on her surgery.


Maureen Hayes said...

Love the projects, especially the heart! I am praying for your sister and your whole family! I pray this will be a complete success and that she will recover completely and quickly. Please let us know how she is doing when you can and let her know she has lots of love and prayers supporting her!

Diana Waite said...

wow Leslie, praying that your sister's surgery goes well!
BEAUTIFUL creations, and congrats on the feature on two peas!

Chris and Paige Evans said...

So many wonderful creations!!!! I heart them all :)

Amy Coose said...

Such gorgeous projects, and I will praying for Melinda!

Lisa said...

I am a praying person and I will pray for your sister through her recovery. Thanks for sharing.