Monday, October 22, 2012

*Happiness Is....*

in a jeep?
heck yes it is!
well to me anyway.
Seriously...ever since Alan got our jeep, all i want to do is be in it!
it's fun to drive, fun to ride in, just fun fun fun.
I especially feel like the queen when other "jeepers" wave at us! So cute.
That antsy anticipation when another jeep is close by, rolling up on us...yeah,
I'm goofy like that. I love that feeling!

Anyway, up on the Noel Mignon blog today I have a post about our
happiness, in our jeep:

it's just a fun eclectic, shabby, messy with clean touches layout.
with a destination at the end. Antiques. That's us! We love to go explore and find
new and fun places to look at antiques. We can so get lost for HOURS.
There's so many around us, it's unreal. I had no idea!
Until we got in our jeep & went exploring.

I think my parents instilled the love of going and looking at antiques
in me when I was a young girl. I loved it! I still love it...
on the blog post, I talk about the apps I used to create this grid photo
as well as the 2" photo's at the top! Go check it out...
Thanks so much for checking my blog today!
I can't believe a week slipped by me & made me so busy I couldn't get back here
this past week!
I've been sharpening my photo skills & taking LOTS of pics lately.
In fact...
yesterday afternoon I took some family shots for a friend of mine at a park nearby...
just look at this princess E:
can't wait to share more later!
look for more of princess E's pics & some I took of Alan (author pics) and
more from our Oklahoma trip!
Have a great day, y'all...