Monday, October 8, 2012

*Projects galore....*

hi! happy Monday!

Didn't the weekend just ZOOM by? wow, Monday got here FAST!

I've got a quick but project filled post today.
I'll follow up with an update on my sisterand her successful surgery.

Starting off is my post up on the Noel Mignon blog today:
(check out the blog post for up close shots)
I'm always flabbergasted when I think that ::whoa, hold please:: my kids are truly
college kids. In fact...they're close to being DONE with college. WHAT!
Can I truly be THAT old? haha!
Well yes...I guess I can.
Funny thing - I look at this picture of my Savannah & think, her age I was getting married!
Then bam..a year later there she was! Oh and just another year after that..hello Shaypher.
This has been one amazing ride with my family.

anways - I used the October Student Council kit for this project.
It IS sold out, so sorry!!! BUT Noel put together a limited Student Council kit
in case you missed out on this one.  It's right here;  Student Council Limited

My last projects to share today are some Prima projects...

This first one is Prima's PPP for October. I mixed LOTS of fun Prima products
together. TO see the complete list, go check out the post on the Prima Blog

then I made this tag for Prima's Tag & Cards post
it was so much fun to make! I got kinda dirty & grungy - but that's the FUN part of creating.

Next up is a couple of older layouts I can't remember if I shared or not:

(photography by: Andie Smith)
This layout was created for CHA Summer 2012 - using the GORGEOUS
Welcome To Paris line.

(photography by:  Andie Smith)
this one was created for CHA Summer 2012 as well using Tea Thyme
that's it for projects today.
Tomorrow I'll share my first Lily Bee project. I'm kinda nervous - but can't wait to share!
Update on my sister:
first up, I want to thank ALL of you for praying for her!
I updated my Facebook Status with the following, right after her surgery:
She's out of surgery & everything went excellent!! High cell count donor
(a young donor to whom we are forever grateful!)
and now it's just up to Melinda's body to accept the donor cornea. She's in recovery. Our family thanks all of you for your prayers and thoughts! We love you!
She's continuing to recover daily. It's a LONG process.
My oldest sister and I took her to her follow up doctor's appointment on Friday
& he explained alot to us and to her.
Plus he said something that I will always take to heart and cherish!
He told Melinda (my sister who had the cornea transplant) that her eye is doing fabulous!
No sign of rejection & he doesn't see it happening. The donor cornea count is very high
(due to a young donor) and that helps so much. She's had 3 previous rejections so we hope
this one is the charm!

He also explained that her sight will get worse for a couple of weeks while the cornea
comes "to life" again. Then in a month it will be better, but by 3 months it should be perfect.
Thursday she was seeing 20/30 which is a miracle, she was hardly seeing ANYTHING at all
before her surgery.
The final thing that he said that touched me like no tomorrow. It's because I'm a firm believer
in the power of our Lord and Savior...
Melinda said it's so sad that someone had to die in order to give her this cornea.

Doc replied:  "the way I see it with transplants is the only place you can get a cornea is from God"
so to all of you who sign donor cards & to all of you who have donated and have had love ones
donate any and all organs
(which we've been on that end too. My sister in law
passed away and saved lives)
thank you. We love you. We want you to know that you've given a beautiful gift.
We are forever grateful.
I signed my donor card.
thank you for letting me share with you today.
make it a fabulous day.
go hug your loved ones.
tell someone thank you today.


Diana Waite said...

wonderfully BEAUTIFUL creations!

Patricia Roebuck said...

So glad your sister is doing okay and hoping and praying she continues!

You are something else with paper. Lots of goodness here! So stunning!

And no cannot believe your kids are that old...if we had kids right away, I'd be in the same boat, but I have a toddler...who's crazier! Ha!

Lisa said...

Leslie, thank you for the update on your sister. I love the dr.'s words as well. Thank you for sharing your faith out loud on your blog. You are touching lives whether you know it or not. Praying for full recovery of your sister's sight. and beautiful projects today too!