Monday, October 15, 2012

*That was EASY!*

Monday, Monday, MONDAY....
how I know today is Monday:

1)  didn't want to get up at ALL today after getting home from a
fabulously, wonderfully, fun filled, action packed weekend in Oklahoma

2)  I made coffee and forgot I made it - finally drank my first cup at 10:45 am.
3)  I got up, got dressed but couldn't think what I was forgetting. My makeup.
It was my makeup. I'm SO glad I didn't have anywhere to go today. ha!

4) something I thought I made and posted - wasn't posted. Because I just plum
forgot before we left for our fabulously, wonderfully, fun filled, action packed weekend
in Oklahoma....ha!!

needless to say..Monday is definitely here. But almost gone, yay!

Want to see what I made??

It's this: 
"That Was Easy"
and this:
"You Make Me Happy"
which both happen to be up on the Noel Mignon Blog today!
I used the October Student Council kit
(which is definitely sold out - BUT  you can get the Student Council Limited kit right here!)

Let me tell you where we went this past weekend!
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma! Well more than just OKC - but mainly there.
It was such a FUN FUN weekend! I'll post more about it later!

My husband Alan is a cyclist. He's big on races, rides, etc...
(and he's GOOD at them!)

He competed in the Senior Games - for Cycling.
He brought home not just ONE gold medal..but TWO!!!
  • One for the 20 k race (overall:  his age bracket & the entire race)
  • One for the 40K race (his age bracket & tied for 1st which gave him 2nd the entire race!)
I am so proud I can't SEE straight. We had ALOT of fun. I'll share all the pics
later as I'm still editing them - but here's a few shots taken from my iPhone while there:

(pretty sure I said something kinda funny here - I do that to him. A LOT. )
winning his first race....gooo Alan!
he'd just left for race #2 when I took this shot of him and his first medal
just finished...
wow, what a GREAT weekend!
more soon...