Tuesday, January 29, 2013

*That Happened + CHA Goods*

I'm here to tell you something.

I have an addiction. A HUGE addiction. I'm almost afraid to admit it.
When I first saw this item hit the market I was for sure saying....
"no way. not going to use it. ever. like EVER."
Then I got some in a kit. (that sounds funny, ha!)
I thought I had to use it...you know, peer pressure got the best of me.
(in a scrappy sort of way...wait, what were YOU thinking?)

I'm addicted to....

in the worst sort of way. I think of a thousand different ways to use it.
I've recovered my Undo bottle.
I've attempted to recover an old iPhone cover (must mod podge it)
I almost redid my cabinets in my scrap room with it. Then decided...nahhh, better not.

It's in a basket next to me, tempting me:

"use me...use me..."
ok..no need to push me. I will, gladly!
See why I'm tempted? Lots of pretty colors, textures & designs!
YUM. Washi tape is the best ever.
And? Who needs a bandaid?
just drop a cotton ball on that owie & tape away.

and I had the best time using washi on my washi obsessed layout.
Here's a few closer shots!

 and I have a secret. Well it's not really a secret but I have the BEST
place for you to get your washi! It's Paper Issues.
HURRY, go now. If you go and you use this:

you get 20% off!! How fun is THAT! Go have some washi shopping fun!!

And now, I'd like to share a few things I did
for Elle's Studio for CHA. I used her brand new line "You and Me"
which now has coordinating 12x12 patterned papers!
You can order on January 31'st when she has them in the shop!

well that's it for me today! 
I'll be back tomorrow with more CHA fun!