Tuesday, January 21, 2014

*This Is me - Teresa Collins*

no, this is ME - Leslie ...
however I'm posting a new project today using the
brand new CHA release by Teresa CollinsHello My Name Is
and my project is.."This is Me: "
(lol..I kid I kill myself sometimes, LOL)

Before I begin my post today - I just have to say to you...
my 5 readers (LOL) ok, wait...6 including my sweet mama!
THANK YOU. Your words made my day yesterday!
I guess I had no idea people actually read and like my blog.
Which needs a makeover btw...(soon)
You guys rock - thank you for sticking by me! 2014 will be a
much better blogging year, I've got lots planned!

So let's to the good stuff..

today I'm sharing a layout I created for Teresa Collins
for CHA Winter 2014 show and it's up on the blog today
to check out (with directions on how I created it!)

I talk a bit about being in front of the camera more.
It's a bad habit of mine to say things like..."no, I'm not camera ready,
I just want to get y'all, I didn't fix my hair, I'm scroungy (in sweats, LOL),
it's a bad hair day, didn't put make up on..." the list goes on and on.
These past few months have been a journey for me with weight loss. I'm still
on my journey but during that journey I didn't want anyone to see
what I was. I'm at that point where I don't care anymore. See me for what I am,
now close to 50 lbs smaller with more confidence than ever before.

I won't go all into it, but if you want to check out the post today,
go here:  This Is Me - a Hello My Name Is layout by Leslie Ashe

while you're looking - what do you think of the new line?
Isn't it gorgeous? I love how Teresa put the kraft with grays, whites,
blacks, deep reds. It's totally up my alley!
Here's a link to the line so you can see it all: Hello My Name Is

That's it for me today!
I hope you've enjoyed my post.

It's so nice getting to know more of my readers!
Please comment more!

Don't forget...at the end of this month and beginning of
February - I'll be having a Flat Rate box sale like I did last
year! I've already received several notes on people interested,
so that's fun! They'll be $40 with shipping and FULL of fun products.
I'll post pics of what's included in boxes, how I'll be sending them, etc...
so more to come on that soon.

Come back tomorrow for a GREAT class giveaway!
I won't be saying what yet....but it MIGHT include Stacy Julian?
You must come back to see!

Until tomorrow...
have a great Tuesday!


michelle said...

I love that new line and can not wait to find it in the store. . . You look amazing and cute! I have gotten over the what do I look like moment to just take the picture I am what I am today otherwise I would never get a photo of me!

Laurie Leahey said...

"Prove them wrong" Love it!!

Leanne said...

Oh my! Such a beautiful LO!! Loving the kraft..x :)

Belinda Griffin said...

Another reader here, I'm just a terrible commenter! Fab layout.

Anelsie said...

Your layout is stunning! I love your work! Thanks for the inspiration!
The new Teresa Collins' collections are so beautiful, chic and versatile! Can't wait to start playing with them!
I don't usually comment but I read all of your blog posts! And I'm also interested in your flate rate box sale! :)
Hugs from Puerto Rico

barbara macaskill said...

LOVELOVELOVE your layout!!! The way you did the heart ROCKS!! This is another great collection by Teresa Collins!!!
I am one of those that HATES to be photographed! I don't think I have any photos of me for at least the last 8 or 9 years. I have gained a LOT of weight since my injury and all of the health problems that have come up don't help I have vowed to let myself be photographed because I want my grandchildren to be able to show who I was to their grandchildren and so on. This Christmas was the first time I willingly allowed a photo of me to be taken and my SIL, who is a shutterbug, was in shock when I didn't duck and hide when I saw the camera. I actually asked her to take a pic of me and my grandchildren! What a big step THAT was.
Go get 'em girl and who cares what we look like as long as we are photographed for future generations to be able to know us! TFS!

Kelly Jean said...

Beautiful layout and I love your layering! I'm what people would call a skinny mini but I still have my own issues with my weight and figure. But in the last 6 months, I have been learning to be happy with myself and what I am. And I feel SO much more confident! Now onto the TC line. I fell in love with TC when I purchased the He Said/She Said collection. I think her lines are unique!