Wednesday, October 29, 2008

**I totally FORGOT my FANCY PANTS**

tee hee----
I am so sorry - I didn't show you the creations I did
using Fancy Pants for Create My Keepsake for September!

BAD Leslie - BAD BAD! :P

FP was our DT sponsor for the month of September and they were SO generous!
Thank you for letting me share with you :)
Here they are:

Just a little "thank u" card


Me & my sweet boy!

I have 2 more layouts -- one is below in another post titled "The First of the Last"
and my other one was picked up for publication by Scrapbook Trends
for March 2009! :)

I hope you're having a GREAT day!
I'm off to watch my girl & the rest of the band practice
for their big show!

Don't forget --Don't be SHY! I love all of your "hi's!

Monday, October 27, 2008


Ready to be challenged by The Design Experiment
this week? Our challenge is so cool!
It's powerful!! Here it is:
"Set forth a time, and no matter what time it is, or what you are doing, snap a photo. It can be of your children who happen to be running down the hallway with a trail of toilet tissue behind them. It could be that you just finished filling the dogs' bowl, or maybe you are outside admiring the turning of fall. No matter where it is, where you are, snap a photo of that moment....the NOW.
Complete your page with journaling. Dig inside to express how you feel at that moment...that point in time. After all, scrapbooking is about memories...preserving them, no matter how small they may be. It is usually the small memories we hold dear as we grow the laundry smelled after washing, how mom's apple pie made your stomach growl everytime you smelled it...or how you always have a pile of toys to pick up after the kids go off to school. No matter how small or minute, the now is what we live for, so let's capture it!"
I KNEW when I saw my pictures from Friday night
- this one with my beautiful
daughter was the one I wanted for this challenge :)

My journaling says:
"(listen...) to the here & now. this moment. This.....I could stay in this place forever. This very memory. Walking my girl across the field as she is being honored as a senior. Experiencing this with her is something I will cherish. ~Savannah & Mom - Oct. 24, 2008~"
I hope you play along with our challenge this week!!
Be sure to link your layout in the comment section!
Have a lovely day!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

**Tag, I'm IT**

I'm finally off my base...(LOL!!) I've been tagged!!
I feel so loved! Thank you silly girls for all the tags!

So Dena, & Sasha -- you got me! Here goes:
(All of the tags are similar so I'm going to do the 7 Random Facts about me:)

1. I absolutely LOVE candy corn & peanuts together. Try is DELISH!

2. 2nd chair flutist here....I used to toot my own horn in middle school. :)

3. I've been referred to as a gum & lipstick hoarder. Well I do like to have at
least 2 different packs (fruity & minty!) of gum & 2 different colors of lippy stick!

4. Anyone or ANYTHING dressed up as a clown or anything like a mascot, scary creature OR even a happy thing (like Barney) FREAK ME OUT. I will run the other way.
No if's, and's or but's about it...I'm outta there! (I had to grin & bear it when
Alan dressed up as Barney the Dinosaur on Shaypher's 1st b-day, LOL!)

5. Why is it I LOVE hot chocolate at home but when I go out somewhere, like Starbucks it's YUCK to me? I have no idea other than I just like the cheap boxes of hot chocolate, LOL!

6. I'm a closet fan -- well not anymore -- of the Jonas Brothers (DO NOT LAUGH!)

7. I can recite word for word Ferris Bueller. I have a talent, huh?! LOL!

I know - my facts are lame - o..........LOL!!!

If you've tagged me and I totally forgot to do your tag - drop me a comment and tell me.
I am so sorry if I did. :)

I'm not tagging anyone because I'm such a bad tagger myself...LOL!
Happy Sunday! I'm off like a dirty shirt!


Yay!!!!!!! The Richland REBEL Band advanced tonight to STATE competition!!
They will travel Nov. 4th to San Antonio, Texas
for the State Competition. They were one of the
top 10 bands who advanced this evening at the UIL Area Competition.
Busy week ahead for the kids...they have a game
in Abilene, Texas (5 hours away!) on Friday,
another band competition on Saturday in Duncanville, Texas
and then San Antonio just a few days after that.
They have WORKED their hiney's off!
SO proud of them :) ALL of them :)

Want to see a few shots from Senior Night on Friday?
We had the PRIVELEDGE of walking our beautiful
Senior (in high school) daughter, Savannah, across the
football field as she (as well as other seniors) was recognized
as a part of the Richland Rebel band. :)
I would have a picture of the 3 of us if there wasn't
a certain someone (*ahem--Alan*) sleepwalking! HA!!

So here's just some we happened to get:

Me with my girl...(isn't she GORGEOUS!)
Dad & his girl :) (that is NOT a fake background - that's the sun setting!!)
Proud bro with his sis :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

**FABULOUS Friday Faves**

My dear sweet friend Dena Coe started this Friday Faves posting at her blog one day and I love reading all about her faves!
She inspired me today to post my own...

So without further adieu I give you
my Friday Faves for this week:

#1)...a great movie I've now seen twice!

The Secret Life of Bees <----watch the clip!

#2) Samantha Who. I have to tell you that this show just CRACKS me UP! You gotta watch it - if you don't already!! I laugh SO HARD I cry sometimes!! I bought Season 1 on DVD the other day so I could catch up with Season 2...oh man I'm glad I did. SHE kills me!! LOVE Christina Applegate!!

My next one is a scrappy fave. #3)

The Making Memories SLICE --- I just ordered it!! I had to. Create My Keepsake has a deal going right now that is TOO GOOD to pass up!!
(Click on CMK above to see the deal!)
I've been eyeing it FOREVER. I did a little bit of work and earned some spending $$..what better to use it on! ;) I'm a happy girl and can't WAIT to get it!
Click there ----> SLICE DEMO to see it in action!

This one is bittersweet to me. I found a new artist and I LOVE him. I can't stop playing his music. His name is Jon McClaughlin and the song I'm loving is "Four Years" (click his name to hear the song)\
It makes me cry a little - my girl is just 6 1/2 months
from GRADUATING high school!!
It's a small reminder of what's to come...ACK!

#5) which brings me to my number 5....this girl:
(layout removed for publication)

It's a fave layout of mine right now.
I did it for Create My Keepsake using the "Daily Grind" line from Fancy Pants :)

This is where I'll be tonight - at the football game watching her in the band :)

OHHH which reminds me. I loaded up on Kleenex today.
Why you ask? It's Senior Night tonight.
Which means Alan & I will escort Savannah across
the field as they recognize the Seniors that
are involved in making Friday Nights possible
(football players, band members, cheerleaders, mascots, drill team...etc...)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

**Are You Addicted?**

You will be!! Wait until you see the gorgeous kits at Addicted Scrappers and meet all the wonderful ladies on the message boards!

I was asked to be a Guest DT girl over at Addicted Scrappers for October and I was so excited to be able to play with their "Home Is Where The Heart Is" kit!!

Here's what I did:
(layout removed for publication)

Thank you SO MUCH for asking me to play along with your girls this month Susannah!! I loved every single minute! :)
I'm off to join a friend for lunch :)
I hope you have a WONDERFUL day!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

**Guess What I DID**

I did I did!! I'm so excited I got my vote in today :)

Voted early because we'll be out of town on Election day --

Don't forget to get your vote in!! It's such an important election year!


(p.s. Hey taggers--I'll get ya fixed up tomorrow, k?)

Monday, October 20, 2008

**SO Hard to BELIEVE...**


That's Savannah at 12 years old - just 5 SHORT years ago. I did this layout for Create My Keepsake using the October kits:) We're loading a layout a week for the month of October :)

Here's a couple of close ups:

I have something to tell all my **taggers** out there I know you guys have tagged me and I'm totally it...LOL!!! I will work on them this week, k? ;)

HEY guess what!!

Savannah's band - got GRAND CHAMPIONS at their Marching Festival this weekend!
That's where I spent ALL of Saturday - who would have THOUGHT you'd get sunburned in late October? LOL!!! Oh wait - it's Texas...I almost forgot. :P

Have a great one y'all!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Are YOU Ready for some REVEALS???

I know I am!!!
You gotta go look HERE------> Label Tulip October Kit
to check it all out!

THEN go here to see all of
the YUMMY DT creations --------> Tulip Girls Creations

(DO YOU SEE the talented girls I get to work with! I'm the luckiest girl! :) )

OHHH and when you're done looking there - go check out our challenge
right here -----------> Tulip Girls Challenge

Here's what I did:

My first layout is our challenge layout. Our challenge was to use fabric for inspiration....

This is my fabric inspiration... (it's one of my fave shirts!)

Here's the rest of my layouts.....

(that's my hubby!! Isn't he CUTE!) I even have him on a postcard ;)

This layout is based on a members lift
(which you can find on the challenge page - just scroll down
to see the member we lifted - Mette Kallander :)
Her layout is right here: Mette's layout

So there you go - that's all of my projects using the Label Tulip
main kit "Gossip" + the following add ons: "Trendsetter" & "Rumor Mill"

Hope you're having a GREAT day!!
Don't forget - even if you ARE shy - it's always nice to say HI!!!! :)

p.s. Guess what!! Scrapbook Trends requested 2 of my layouts
yesterday!! It's for the March 2009 issue :)
I'm SO excited!! One is for the Showcase section & the other
is for the Sparkle & Shine section.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

**I've got SNEAKS!!**

and I don't mean shoes either (LOL I crack myself up)

Here we are....Label Tulip SNEAKS at your service:

so what'cha think?
Let me STRESS to you how much you WANT this kit!!

p.s. not only that but the add on's too....hee hee

I'm sorry I forgot to mention that Label Tulip kits go LIVE October 15 @ 6pm PST (that's 9 pm EST & 8 PM CST )

OHHH one more thing! THANK you so much for all your sweet comments about my mini book!! :) I treasure you ALL!

Monday, October 13, 2008

**We Are Family**

Because I'm so full of scrap right now, all I have time to do is show you a minibook I made using Create My Keepsake's October kits (by kits I mean the main kit, the embellishment kit, the project kit & the mini kit) This kit is just gorgeous & full of rich colors :)

I hope you enjoy this mini - it's a highlight of our trip this past July/August to Tennessee & North Carolina:
(this is the back of the album. I wanted the design to stand out more so I sprayed Glimmer Mist in a dark charcoal color & wiped it off, creating this darker effect)

Ohhhh - here's a little peek of another CMK project I can share with you next week:

Hope your week is going great so far :) I'll be back sometime tomorrow with a few sneaks of my Label Tulip work (it's so yucky and rainy here today I didn't get a chance to snap pics - hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for it)

Reveal day is just a few days away....I can't WAIT! :)
Hugs to all of you,

Friday, October 10, 2008

**Monkey SEE Monkey DO, FOOTBALL Friday & my pretty girl**

First off...
I am hooked on this certain show on TLC
(sometimes it runs on Discovery too).
It's about a family of 10. Ya know...8 + 2 = 10. I'm sure you know what show I'm referring to.
Ok ok I'll admit it....

I am addicted to Jon & Kate + 8.
look, they even have a blog - The Gosselin's
(there...WHEW, I feel better)

On their show a few weeks ago they were making a YUMMY treat for the li'l ones. It's called Monkey Munch. I thought it looked so yummy!! I really wanted to try it. I knew my kids would love it...

So I set out looking for the recipe. I found it. I was so excited going to the grocery store buying all the ingredients. I was even more excited making it last night.
I was like a little kid helping their mom in the kitchen.
I even did a little monkey jig (LOL...stop laughing!) while I was getting it all ready :) It turned out SO GOOD!
It's delish and I'm taking a few mini baggies of it tonight to the football game :) Who needs game refreshments when Monkey Munch is on the menu! LOL!!
I was so excited making it- I didn't even snap a pic of it...sorry!!

Here is a link where you can find photo's and the recipe! *Jon & Kate + 8's Monkey Munch*
So tonight is FOOTBALL FRIDAY!! The kids high school football team, the Richland Rebels remain UNDEFEATED!! 5 games down - #6 is tonight!
I really REALLY like high school football in the fall :) It's so fun to watch, there's a chill in the air.....ahhhhh!! BUT my most fave time is of the entire night is halftime. Why you ask? Because I get to see this:

Right there in the very front (3rd person from left) is this beautiful girl:
I'm so proud of her! :) Tonight they're playing all 4 of their songs from their show this year called "BELIEVE". Tomorrow they are hosting a marching contest - they are one of the 3 exhibition bands. They'll perform at 9:45 PM.
You go Rebel Band - we "believe" and are all so proud of everything you guys do!
SO now you know what's going on tonight and tomorrow night :)

I am planning on working on lots of scrap projects this weekend. :) Can't WAIT to show you guys!! I'll be sharing another sneak of Label Tulip with you soon too!! :)
Like I always say....
Don't be shy, say HI!
I love all of your comments :)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

**Cowgirl UP**

Isn't she the cutest little Texan Cowgirl you've seen?

That's my girl :) These are some of her senior pics I took a while back.
I did this layout using Create My Keepsake's October main kit + some things from the add on embellishment kit & the project kit. We're sharing a layout a week for all of October :)
Here's a couple of close ups:

Thanks for letting me share with you :)

Monday, October 6, 2008

**SNEAK PEEK at the TULIP!**

Are you READY? It's peek time at Label Tulip!!
I'm warning you though.... It's REALLY yummy!!
I mean it's REALLY really YUMMY!

(I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am!! This is my first assignment as a Tulip Girl!)

OH my you go, take a LOOK right here at the October Sneak:
Label Tulip Sneak Peek.

Have you picked your chin up off the floor yet? YUMMY stuff huh?

I'm telling you - you just HAVE to have it!

Kits go live on sale Oct. 15th as well as our Label Tulip DT gallery :)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

**HSN is putting on some GLITZ**

You like HSN right? You like Glitz too, right?

Could there BE anything better than both at one time? I mean listen to THIS:

GLITZ is going LIVE!!! Laura from Glitz Designs is going on HSN!

Get your Tivo, DVR, vcr, whatever you record on...set it for this date: OCTOBER 9 @ 2 am (EST), 3 am (EST) and 7 am (EST) (times subject to change)

click for time schedule right here ---> GLITZ on HSN

If you want - you can watch it live!
Just click right here ---> GLITZ on HSN - LIVE

AND - my cuties will be there!! Well not them in person, hee hee...
but Laura's going to be showing examples of things using the products she'll be showcasing.

Here's a few of the projects I did that you will see:

I've got MY dvr you? ;)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

**SHE is FULL of it....**

Ha, gotcha!!

Ok she IS full of it...
Confidence that is....
(that's MY girl. I love everything about her. She's my ray of light!)

This is one of my layouts this month using the Create My Keepsake October kit. You REALLY really want this kit. Trust me!! It's so YUMMY. :) You can find the kit right here: CMK's Simply Sublime kit. (We'll be showing you a layout a week for the month of October using this kit)

(**In case you can't read my journaling it says: " Confidence. May you always hold it tight. Never doubt yourself. Never doubt what you can do. Be true to you. Always hold your head high. May you always strive for the very best. Enjoy life's ride....even the bumps. Know you're loved~Know you're always covered in prayer....know this."**)

The other night we got to go watch her in one of her last band events as a senior. I'm amazed that we've gone to this program for 6 years! She's been doing this one event since she was in the 6th grade. Wow...time flies!!!!!!!
Just look at her...isn't she GORGEOUS???

I can hardly believe she's a senior!

or while I'm at it...that he's a junior! (Couldn't leave him out...he's my dude!)

Hope you guys are having a great week so far!
Guess what tomorrow is? TGIF! YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!

Kids have a 4 day weekend starting tomorrow - woo hoo!

We've got the HS football game tomorrow night
& Saturday is full with me taking senior pics of a friend of a friend's daughter. I'm so NERVOUS! I'm so not a pro - simply an amateur...but I do love to take pics :) I hope it goes good!
Sunday I hope to get a few more things done scrappy wise.

HEY did I tell you I was asked to be the October GUEST designer for
Addicted Scrappers?
(it's a fun kit club! I got my box today and plan on working on my things for them this weekend)

What are you up to this weekend?