Thursday, November 27, 2008

Monday, November 24, 2008

**What Keeps YOU Going?**

Ever have a layout pictured in your mind then when you sit down to scrap
it takes on a life of it's own? This happened to me with this one..uggh!
Oh well - it's done.
This is this week's challenge over at The Design Experiment.
We challenge you to scrap about:
"What keeps you going? With our busy schedules, we all
need something. What is the thing you need to make it through the day?"
This is also my Design Team inspiration at Create My Keepsake using
the November kit + a few things from the add on kits :D
I hope you're having a wonderful day.
This is truly a MONDAY for me...ugggggghhhhh....

Saturday, November 22, 2008

**Feeling rather Rebel-ish? How About Sneak-ish? Maybe a bit messy-ish? Or 5-ish? **

Well if you're feeling a bit of Rebel coming out in you,
this might be up your alley:

How about that sneak-ish feeling you've got going on?
This might be your cure:
(yummy sneaks, huh? That's what Glitz has up
it's sleeve for you. Coming soon!!)

Feeling a bit messy?
Well this might make you feel LOTS better:
THAT my friends is a giveaway which happens to be going on over
All you have to do is post a picture of your messy space over
at our message boards here: LT Board
and you could win the yummies above :D
and if you're feeling a little 5'ish---
I forgot to post my Friday Faves (OOOPS) so
I'll give you a quick 5 here:
1) this ------> STORM is on it's way to me :D
my former phone, the one I got back in the spring bit
the bullet. I hated it. I'm replacing it with this. Yay!
(Yep...I'm a nerd, I'll admit it ;D)
2) I'm not afraid to admit it..I LOVED IT.
3) FACEBOOK - are you on here? I'm a teeny tiny bit addicted :D
4) Shaypher convinced me THIS was a good movie.
I have to say I laughed until my ribs hurt a few times ;D
5) I'm feeling the spirit...I'm ready to decorate!
I bought 4 18 inch pre-lit flocked trees at
Michael's the other day...they're so CUTE!

Have a happy weekend :D
(p.s. I promise when I made this post I had spaces
but Blogger took them out. Argh!)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

**TDX asks you...Why?**

Ever wonder....why?
The Design Experiment wants to know if you do...
That's the challenge this week.
Check it out here: TDX Blog

Here's my layout:

My journaling:
(why does time haev to go by so fast? be still....)
As much as I want to stop time..I know I can't. but..
if I oculd slow time savor in your beauty...
your love for life...your will to be anything &
everything you know you can set your mind to..

I would stop time...bask in the
you now. Just starting your life of dreams...

You're just 6 months from graduating.

Some close ups:

You should take this challenge. When you're finished with
your layout, simply leave a comment with a link back to your
layout. :D It's super easy! You could win a COOL RAK! :D

I did this layout for CMK's November Kit Inspiration:
(we've been loading a project a week for the month
of the kit) Check out the rest of the layouts here:
Sorry for the delay in posting this week.
Just been one of those weeks. Well the 1st half anyway...
I got a fun email the other day...ST picked up
a layout for their April issue! :D It will go in the
"About Me" excited about that!
And I'm pretty excited that in just 24 hours I'll be watching this:
That's all folks...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

**Revealing ones self can be quite picture heavy**

Go grab yourself a drink, sit down & get comfy - here we go with pictures!

It's reveal time over at Label Tulip !
(layout to return soon - it's out for publication)
Here we have "Little Miss Spunky"

oh yeah....that's MY boy :D
Fun doesn't even describe how much she
makes my life complete!
For our member "lift" challenge, It was my turn to choose
and I just LOVED this layout in the gallery by Jennifer Yates
You have to check out her gallery over at LT: Jennifer's Gallery.
It's FULL of beauty!!
Here's my lift:
Seriously - what's better than hanging out with my girl!
(layout to return soon - it's out for publication)
Our challenge this month was to scrap what we're thankful for:
I listed the many things I'm grateful for:
(my life, my family, my health, that God loves me - no matter
what), my parents, my home, EVERYTHING before me :D
Check out what the rest of the DT did here: Challenges

This is Label Tulip's first ever project kit:
(well this is the one I did)

I'm sorry to say they've already sold out! In the first couple of hours
of it being revealed!
Some close ups:

That's all for today!
Hope you enjoyed this little revealing post :D

Friday, November 14, 2008

**1 More Day**

until REVEAL day at Label Tulip!
It's tomorrow!! :D Yay!

I didn't want to leave you hanging so here's
a little more of my sneaks:

Thursday, November 13, 2008

**It's SNEAKY sneak time!!**

Oh man I've been rolling around in my fabulous
Label Tulip November's so FULL of yummy
goodness I can't stop creating!!!

I thought I'd share a few sneaks with you....
You HAVE to have the kit! You'll die over the add-on's too!
AND...whoa, WAIT til you see the PROJECT kit!
(it's a banner!!! WOO HOO, I'm almost done with it)
Reveal night is only 2 days away!! November
must be there! That's when the kits go on sale &
you don't want to miss them!
p.s. thank you for all the sweet comments about
my tree book!! :D

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

**Have you hugged a tree today?**

I have! Well not literally - but I've hugged everyone
IN this tree:
(tree book removed for publication, yay!)
I made this tree mini book using Create My Keepsake's November kits.
By kits I mean the main kit & all the add ons too :D
I am in LOVE with this kit! Everything works so well together!
The page with my cute hubby I traced and cut out cardboard.
Then I painted it and went back over it iwth a pearl paint.
I think it turned out quite funky! :D
Want to see something fun? Check out Glitz's blog today:
That's my article for the Dutch Magazine Cards Only
I was so excited to see Glitz put that up on the blog today!
Made my day!! :D (those are the 3 cards that made the publication!)
Hope your Wednesday is going GREAT!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

**TDX, Label Tulip Blog, some Glitz cards & HI!!**

It was my week to post on the Label Tulip blog :D
I did a little tutorial on my mini button bouquet I've shared before.
Check it out here -------> Label Tulip Blog
Next challenge is up at TDX!!
Here's the challenge:"Create a layout about a
choice you have made in your lifetime that you may
have questioned in the past, something that
your response has always been: "I'd do it again." "
Here's my layout:

here's a couple of close ups:
A little about my layout:
Without a doubt I knew what my layout was going to
be about. I had the perfect picture to display how I truly
feel about my decision to start my family. Even if I didn't
get to choose the "when's, where's & why's..." as that was in
God's control...I knew this is what I wanted and I wouldn't
change it for the world.

(no doubt) if I could go back & do it all over again - I would
do it in a New York minute!! Of all the decisions I've made in
my life - the one to get married & start a family has to be
the BEST one. Through our ups & downs; our ins & outs...we
are the very essence God created. Family. the best decision
ever. No if's ands or buts about it. I love you, my family. ~July 2008

Be sure to try this challenge! It's a GREAT one!!
All you have to do is put a link to your layout in
the comment section of the blog --> TDX BLOG

I'm not much of a card person. I can't get them to
work the way I want them to so it's pretty much few
and far between when it comes to making them.
Well I made a few with someGlitz...want to see?
Here they are:

(I have a little something I think I can finally share ;D
I had 3 more cards I made for Glitz pubbed in a Dutch magazine
called "Cards Only" this month. As soon as I receive the magazine
here in my hands - I'll show you! I am SO excited and honored!)
Well that's it for me today...the herd is hungry, I must go make dinner.
Hope you are all doing well and don't forget I know you're not shy -
you totally know how to say HI! :D

Friday, November 7, 2008

**Fantabulous Friday FAVES!!**

Gosh I'm late in updating huh? I'm so sorry!!
Would you believe that I was in San Antonio,
had my camera...BUT did not take ONE picture?
WHAT was wrong with me?

(But enough of that...let's get on to the list!)

I loved doing Friday Faves so much last week I've got another dose for ya!

#1) I got this yesterday. I haven't stopped listening to it:!!!!!

#2)I LOVE Brighton jewelry. I was in the store the other day doing
some Christmas wish-list shopping...I saw this:

Isn't that the cutest crown charm? I had to have it.
I'm wearing it around my neck now :)
You can see it here: Brighton Crown Charm

The next 3 are scrappy related faves!

#3) Would you look how CUTE this is:

It's a MINI Glue Glider Pro

Not only is it MINI - it's PINK too! Made my day when
I saw it today in Hobby Lobby. I can't even HOLD the

bigger one so I was so excited when I saw this one!
(btw...that is NOT my hand, LOL!!)

#4)this stamp makes me so happy!!

My SWEET and SO cute friend Daniela brought to me
when I met her for lunch today!! I was so excited!
Thank you, again Daniela!! :D
She's the BEST!!!

#5)I've always been scared to death to use these:

(the Maya Road Tree's) I have no idea why. When I got it in my
NOVEMBER Create My Keepsake Kit I challenged myself to
use one and I actually like how it turned out!
Here it is on my layout I did:

It wasn't so scary! (I saved the rest of the tree for a mini I'm
going to work on this weekend)
{We're loading a layout a week
again this month at CMK.}

Here's a few closeups:

(I used my new Slice for the title! I LOVE that thing!)

When I got home from San Antonio guess
what was waiting for me?
My Label Tulip DT box!! I can't WAIT to work with

it and show you some of my sneaks!! For now, check
out the SNEAK here: Label Tulip Sneak

So tonight we're off to the football game ~
it's the last one of the regular season!
(playoffs start next Friday!)

**I almost forgot!
The band got 7th place in the STATE!!!!!!!!
HOW cool is that! So proud of those kids! :)

Have a happy Friday!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

**All The Way to STATE, San Antonio & TDX**

HI!! How are YOU guys?? How was your weekend??

Oh wow...this weekend has been a BLUR!

Let me tell you all about it...

Friday afternoon we drove to Abilene, Tx
(about 2 1/2 hours away) for our high school
football game. The Richland Rebels HAD been
undefeated and were 8 and 0. We had our
FIRST upset of the season...Abilene High School
beat us 48-28. (little bit homefield advantage?
I'm thinking so...LOL) Anyways...we got home at
around 1 am. Savannah and the band get home
around 2 am. Poor things!! They had to be at
band practice (for a marching contest later in
the day Saturday) at 11 am.

Saturday was the Duncanville Marching

Invitational contest. Duncanville's just 30
minutes away. The kids did AMAZING!!!!!!!
I love our band! THEY put on such a beautiful,
heartwarming show.

I have wonderful results to report from
the contest!!
The band received:

Outstanding Marching, Outstanding Woodwinds,
Outstanding Percussion, Outstanding General
Effect, Outstanding Musical Performance,
Outstanding Visual Performance, Best in class 5A


Big time WOO HOO goes right here!! Yay kids...
way to GO! We BELIEVE!

Here's a shot of the show:

(this is during one of my FAVE parts)

(THIS is the BEST BEST BEST part..the show
is called "BELIEVE" - During this part - where the banner
goes over the ENTIRE band.... they are playing a song from
"We Are Marshall" and it's so BEAUTIFUL!!!
**you don't mind that head in the pic, right? Because...well
...every time I'd go to take the pic, that head was NOT there.
It popped up right when I'd snap! ARGGGHH!!!**

Sunday the kids had a "State Send off" show for
everyone to come and see the kids off to State
competition (which will happen Tuesday morning
at 8:30 am. The kids are headed down there tomorrow
afternoon) and watch the show in its entirety.
It was so wonderful!

Almost my entire family was there to support
Savannah :) I loved that!

Today my family (Alan, Shaypher, my parents &
1 of my sisters) are heading down to San Antonio
to see the competition. I will be back Wednesday
sometime. I'll be sure to post the final results!

I thought I'd leave you with my layout this week
for The Design Experiment. It was my week for the
challenge and one day after Shaypher was making
me laugh SO HARD I decided I had to use him as
an example and inspiration for my challenge prompt.

Here it is:
"Laughter is so good for the soul! Tell me what
makes you laugh! Is it a family member? Something
that happened the other day? Something someone
said or did? Better it something YOU did
that you can't stop laughing about?"

Here is my layout:

and a little closeup (the cardboard is totally
inspired by my sweet 'n sassy TDX team mate
& friend: Sasha Holloway, she cracks me UP!)

(You can't really tell but I used white crackle paint on the
cardboard - in real life it looks so COOL!)

The journaling....
You say the funniest things. You act silly.
You always have! You do ALL you can to make
me giggle. It always works! You are my clown.
Silly boy - YOU are hilarious!! Oct. 2008

Be sure to check out the rest of the team's gorgeous creations!
You should try this challenge! It's easy - fun - and
you could win something! Just try it.... ;)

Well I'm sure I've talked your eyeballs off
so I better shush so you can move on to whatever
you need to be doing ;)

I hope you have a great next few days - see ya when I get back!

HUGS everyone...:D