Saturday, March 28, 2009

**It's CMK Blog Hop Day!**

It's that time again!
It's Create My Keepsake's Blog Hop Kit Reveal Day!
Welcome to the April Kit: "My Fair Lady"...

(photography is by Andie Smith @
this is my layout, all about my girl using the kit.
This is one kit you MUST have. The papers are

the embellishments, gorgeous...ok all of it's GORGEOUS!!
Get your kit now! The add on's rock too...check back soon for
more layouts using the add on's....

Here's a couple of closeups:

Click on the Create My Keepsake blog to see the blog hop in action
and check out all the beautiful designs from the team!
Don't forget about next weekend and CMK's Spring Fling Crop
Sure hope you can make's going to be a blast!!
How's your weekend so far?
We had a wonderful trip down to Waco yesterday! The hub and I
explored Waco while Savannah hung out at Baylor taking her test..
which by the way she thinks she did GREAT on!!
The next couple of months are so busy..
graduation's approaching & I can hardly believe it!
Just ordered her announcements, it's getting real isn't it.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

**Spring Flingin', Shoppin' & some Blog Hoppin'**

Guess what we're doing at Create My Keepsake next weekend??
Want a little peek?

(that's a peek at a project I'll be doing)
Hop on over to our Spring Fling Crop that starts on
April 4th @ 8 am and goes ALL day. The team has come
up with some fantastic Projects galore,
challenges &'s going to be SO much fun.
I hope you can stop by!!
You won't want to MISS it! :D

There's also a sale going on!
Here's the info:

SPRING FLING Store Promotion
ALL Weekend (April 3rd-5th)

"We couldn’t possibly host an online crop without a special
promotion in the store. So stop by and do some shopping.
Because…while you’re shopping next weekend,
there will be a Secret Bunny spying your shopping cart
and giving YOU a special discount…
5%, 10%, or 15% off your entire order…
if you have a secret item in your cart!!
Okay. So maybe it's not a secret. Just check the forum
next Thursday for the secret item and enjoy the discount
on your entire order…
be sure to type springfling in the coupon code box
when you checkout."

AND THIS weekend, check back for some fun
CMK DT blog hoppin' to check out April's
gorgeous kit!

Tomorrow morning we're headed back down to Waco for
a few things we have to get done for the future Bear! :D
Should be back late tomorrow night....

Have a happy weekend!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

**Sometimes a girl ....**

just needs a little pick me up.....

This took care of it, this right here:
Sassafras Lass <---------wow. I'm speechless!

and Scrapbook Trends requested 3
layouts for August 2009 issue!
I still can't believe it...3!!!

Thank you for indulging in my news with me.
xoxoxoxo everyone ~

Monday, March 23, 2009

**Never leave your wigwam**

or is it wingman?
(photo courtesy of Andie Smith @ eight18 photography)

lol...just ask Andie.
she's my wingman...
errrr I mean wigwam??

that's what happens when 2 girls get the giggles
and gab back and forth through emails...
one says wingman (being that I'm the dork)
one SEES wigwam (being that she's....Andie)

take it from me...
never ever leave your wigwam.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

**It's all about being Random and such....**

That's what today is anyway...
check it out here: Create My Keepsake Blog

Here's what being random, family collages & cute girls is:

aren't my nieces gorgeous? I love those girls....
I (of course) had to add the words to the song...
"I've got all my sisters in me...."

close ups:

Hope you're having a very nice St. Patty's Day!
Do you have on your green today?
In other news of the day....
our visit to Baylor ROCKED!! Savannah was offered a nice
scholarship & a few other goodies....yay!! :D
Can't believe in just a few months she's a Baylor Bear!
(Sic 'em!)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

** Reporting to you LIVE**

Label Tulip's March Kit is LIVE.....
(click on above link to see the gallery)

Here's what I did with the Main Kit - "Over The Rainbow"

(a farewell layout to one of our founders...Cindee.
I will MISS you so much Cindee!!
Thank you for choosing me
to be a Tulip Girl...thank you for all you've done.
Thank you for YOU!)

All photo's are by Andie Smith @ eight18 photography

(Main Kit: "Over The Rainbow")

(add on #2: "There's No Place Like Home")

(layout removed for publication)
(Main kit + add ons)

(Add on # 1 "Emerald City")

**Be sure to check out the challenges!!

So tomorrow we're heading down to Waco
to Baylor for a meeting with some peeps...
getting the girl all ready to be there in just a few
months..doing all the final stuff...
Have a great week....

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

**It was an itsy bitsy teeny weeny....**

no not a yellow polka dot bikini...
a sneak, a sneak!

Here's a couple of sneaks of a project
I did using Label Tulip's March Main Kit...

it's so stinkin' beautiful I can't get enough of it!
Goes live in just a FEW days...don't forget to get your hands on it!
Label Tulip Kits <-----------just click there & you'll be set!
I'm still working away.....
it's so rainy, cold and YUCK here today.
I'll have to get more pics up when it's done being so bleh...
hope you're having a wonderful day!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

**Sneaks, Peeks & tres' Chic**

** below may cause you to wipe drool from
your chin.***

Have you SEEN the March Label Tulip sneaks yet?
They're on the main site...
here's a little glimpse of the Main Kit -- Over The Rainbow

they can also be found here: Label Tulip Sneak

Here's add on #1: The Emerald City

and add on #2 No Place Like Home (it's a gorgeous project kit)

Kit goes LIVE on March 15th!!
I'll be back with sneaks of my creations soon!
Oh and isn't she CUTE peeking from behind the those 2 lips?
(lol..get it, 2 lips, tulips...gosh I'm goofy.)

I think someone got 3 inches cut off their hair
and got herself all darkened up!

I'm LOVING how CHIC she is with her matching
"green" braces...

I love that kid...
have a happy one!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

**It's my DAY for Random Ramblings...**

....oh and postings...
here: Create My Keepsake Blog

this is what you'll see over there:

Just a layout I created on a Teresa Collins 7x13 tabbed file
page. All products used are from the CMK March Kit...
which by the way
you're going to want...
trust me....

thank you all so much for your sweetness on my
last blog means more to me than anything!
I'm truly absolutely a--ok♥

I hope you all have a great week.
x♥x♥ --

Monday, March 2, 2009

**Wow. I didn't see THAT one coming**

So as of 10 am this morning I am officially unemployed.

I was let go from my new job. I'm sad. It was a fun job, full of
fast paced things to do...but I understand the reasoning.
Sales are low, it's our hit home with me today.

So I'm bummed today.

I know that God has a plan for me and our family.
I am putting all my faith, love, hope & trust in Him.
He will show me the way....