Monday, June 29, 2009

**Ready for another CMK Blog Hop? What about a PARTY?**

I can't believe it's time to showcase the July kit @ Create My Keepsake!
Time's flying...slow down time s..l..o..w....(hee hee)

The kits called: Family Picnic -- too cute!
Hurry and get it while you can!
It's amazing...full of gorgeous goodies.
Check it out here: Create My Keepsake July Kit
Here's my little part in the blog hop today:
all using the main kit -- ("family picnic")
isn't it full of yummy colors?

Be sure to check out the CMK BLOG for the rest of the hop
and to see what beautiful things the other girls created
(or you can click on the links to their blogs to the right)

Here's a few close ups:

That's a snapshot I got of Princess S while we were waiting
to eat at "Babe's" ( a Texas family fave!) -- she's so cute!

Speaking of her, she:
-- just got home from orientation @ Baylor (it was so fun!)
--just left for church camp all week (I miss her!)
--is getting things ready for moving in (August 20th)
--has "Baylor Line Camp" in a few weeks

and to update on him:
--he is a-ok...the pathology report came back with a perfect's all fine!
--he's almost back to 100 %
-- got his hair cut so cute..I need to get a pic to show you..
--is talking about where he's wanting to apply to for college (he's next, eek!)

OHHH and just wanted to see if you're in the MOOD TO Party!
We like to party we like we like to party...(great now I'll have that tune in my head
all night!)
If you're in the mood, keep checking back as Label Tulip is growing and
has a fun birthday planned!!
Look here:

things are good here at the ashe abode...
life's more than a box of chocolates, it's a pinata!
Fun stuff..crazy stuff...
I love it that way!

I've got lots of pics to share soon -- editing them now that my screen's all calibrated.
Have a wonderful week & thank you for
your prayers for Shaypher!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

**Oh WOW.....Sorry Blog!**

Hope you're doing well!
We are...crazy, fun, all out busy -- the way we like it :D
Lots going on with the girl,
lots going on with the boy
and lots going on with this mrs. and that mr....
Here, grab yourself a seat,
get comfy.....

I'll be back soon with lots of updates.

Thank you for checking on us!
**Shaypher's doing wonderful!
he had his recheck today - great report, he's healing nicely!

Be back soon......keep watching!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Our family cannot thank you enough for your prayers,
positive thoughts & kindness you've sent our way!

He had a rough start prior to surgery. poor thing!
--the first IV blew, resulting in a 2nd IV -- of course;
which made him tense up (he was so nervous!)
pray to the plastic trash can & turn pretty pale.

--his surgery was delayed for about an hour.
--he got the giggle juice, fell asleep, they took him back to
give him the "knock out completely" good stuff....

--about 45-50 minutes later -- doc came out and told us he did GREAT!
(she said she got all of the fibroid and sent it to pathology and in 3 weeks
when we return for his follow up,she'd have the results ... which is most likely, benign)

a little bit longer and we were able to see him in recovery
and get him awake enough to go home.

--he's been home for a while now and "he's feeling ok" -- he says.
(pain meds? probably, LOL!)
GREAT news...he's healthy, he's home, he's healing
(his stitches are dissolvable should be gone within 3 weeks)
and he's even eating me out of chicken noodle soup! (lol)

{That makes this mom's so happy}
because I know the main reason is -- your prayers & positive thoughts.
I know this was a MINOR procedure and I KNEW he was going to be "ok" but
I'm sure every mom feels this way....(dad's too!) this....
"oh please let it remain a minor thing" --
"please let the doctor's hands be steady",
"please let him remain calm and not have a reaction to anything..."
(he's got a very high drug allergy to a certain drug and anything containing this drug)

but my fears were pushed aside as he says to me....
"is it over? can we go home? wheelchair? am I dreaming?"
over and over and over....
(God Bless that kid!)

So we'd all like to thank you --
& we love you

Thursday, June 18, 2009

** Say a little prayer...**

for that guy below:

he's having a procedure done tomorrow @8 am...

He's having surgery -
to have a fibroid tumor (quarter sized) removed from( inside) his inner cheek.
they're knocking him completely out so they can remove more of the tissue
(sending to pathology just as precaution - it's routine procedure,
most likely nothing but a benign cyst)
and stitch it up.
It's weird to think there will be stitches INSIDE the mouth..
but the doc said they're dissolvable and will be gone within a few weeks
and he should be fully healed within 6 weeks or so.

Not sure how long it will last...I will be back to update asap!

Thank you for your prayers, your thoughts and all your well wishes!
Shaypher thanks you too!