Monday, August 31, 2009



around 5 am ish...if you like to drink your coffee early that!
be there or be....

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be back tomorrow with Scrap For A Cure reveal....
here, want a sneak?

oh and I'm still waiting to hear from one of my winners! *JUNQUEANDROSES*
please contact me with your contact info so I can get a box ready to go to you!
have a great day,

Sunday, August 30, 2009

***Picked a WINNER WINNER hamburger and fry DINNER**

and to be random about it......

if you can't see the numbers's 35 and 24.....

which means....
are my winners!!
#24) junqueandroses
#35) lesleyoman
please email me at:
with  your full name and address!
I will mail your RAK by Tuesday morning.
Congratulations on winning!!
saving the best for last...
thank you everyone for all your comments, compliments, everything!
You've made my heart SO happy and so full..thank you so much!
I appreciate EACH and EVERY one of you....

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

**Kinda like the Sun...Shimmerz...**'s THAT for a blog title?
Kinda out there, right?
Well it's to go along with something.
something kinda cool and....well "shimmerz'y!"

I got GREAT news today!! I was asked to join
a very VERY fabulous team!!!
SHIMMERZ! They asked me to be a Shimmerz girl!
I am SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!
Thank you Stacey, thank you Danielle, thank you all!
I'm so excited....SO excited. I'm like a kid on Christmas Day!
Go check out Shimmerz <---------click there!

I have a project to share.
My sweet girl asked me to make
her an "inchies" projectfor her dorm.
How cute is she asking me to do that!
Here's what I made: think she'll like? I just mailed it to her...
can't wait to hear!

closeup of her name:

***I've noticed there's been a TON of giveaways on blogs, I've
even done a few myself. I like the idea of sharing
with others...alot!
Today I'm going to fill a flat rate box full of goodies.
something old, (but not TOO old), something new
something borrowed (except I haven't borrowed anything...besides
that would be rude!) and something blue (ok I'll share my blues)
so if you need anything or just want anything...
leave me a comment and tell me what you think of my
made by my talented friend
Andie Smith
who takes amazing photographs
(she took Savannah's SR pics and she's going to do Shayphers too)
go check out her site: eight18 Photography
go check out her design site: Andie Smith Designs
go check out her blog....Andie
and I'll enter you in a drawing to be done Saturday evening
by random draw.....
have a fabulous day....

Thursday, August 20, 2009

**She's OFF...Moving & Dorms & Bears...OH MY**

Today has come TOO entirely fast...
just 18 years ago I was getting this cute little girl ready
for kindergarten....
& now?
Here she goes......
Moving into Baylor today......

she's off on her new adventure:

and we're right behind her...100 %

we love her and couldn't be any prouder...

So go girl...enjoy your new journey...

and remember....home is always close by. a phone call, a visit, whatever...
my favorite noise from this day forward is going to be YOUR garage door opener
opening the door ....
love you Princess!
Mom, Dad & Shaypher
(and the furboys too...)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

**Bring on the Sap**

Bittersweet is the perfect word for today.
Just 2 days til the Princess goes to college
I know it's just close to 2 hours away from me.
I know she's going to be fine, going to do wonderful...
it's just the mere thought of "hello, where did 18 1/2 years go?"
and the thought of..."umm..did I do my job?"
I heard this song today and felt like posting it...
hope you enjoy...

Saturday, August 15, 2009

**Let's get to Revealing.......**

It's that time again...can you believe?
Label Tulip's August kit is AMAZING.
Seriously I could have created
many more things with this uber
gorgeous kit.
AND the add on's.
OHHH the
add on's...

here is what I created:

Here's the of her Senior pictures that Andie Smith

I was so EXCITED to get to try some
FUN new stuff called Shimmerz!
Have you SEEN this stuff yet?
I love it!!!
I played with a spray mist
and some paints...
I used it on ALL of my
Label Tulip layouts...
Thank you Jeni & Shimmerz!!
go here, check out Shimmerz:
here's a closeup:

and this layout belongs to the oh so talented Leah who is a very talented member

of Label Tulip...I picked her layout this month as our Member Lift!
Check out her gallery here: Leah's Gallery

This is my lift:

and a canvas I created for a dear friend:

it's COATED in Shimmerz!! Check it out up close:

and finally...even though I HATE to make cards..
here's one:
(with the beautiful Exclusive Label Tulip stamp:)

Well, that's all folks!
Don't forget to check out the challenges!
Here's a link: LT CHALLENGES

and enjoy the gorgeous gallery...did you see our guest designer?
it's Layle Loncar! I LOVEEEEEE her work, been a fan of hers FOREVER!!
Check it out here: Label Tulip August Gallery

Hope your weekend is fabulous.
We're enjoying our last weekend
as a family of 4 with one going to college...
We leave to move her in Thursday.
For real.
you need to stop ticking!
Our living room is OVERFLOWING
with her goodies for her dorm....................
I should show you pics...

in fact
I think I will!

next time......
Enjoy your weekend,

you can join now...tee hee...go check it OUT!

coming to you LIVE September the logo for the site

and here's the blog:Point Blank Blog

Monday, August 10, 2009

**The Gift**

Hi there!
How was your weekend? Hope yours was as fun as
ours. We finished up getting lots of dorm room goodies
for Savannah to take next week when she moves. :(***
Cute stuff...I can't wait to set up her room and take lots
of pics!!

Just wanted to share a gift I made for my sister to take
to a baby shower she attended this weekend. She asked
me to make something unique to match the baby's room.
I was SO excited when she showed me pictures of a poster
that was going in the new baby boy's room (to get the idea
of room colors)because the colors and patterns were SO BRIGHT.
Oranges, greens, blues..(more like turquoises), browns...
so cute for a baby boy, right?

I just loved the "inchie" idea that I first saw at Label Tulip
(then created a project using them for Glitz; and most recently
did a Girls Loft "2 inchie" circle one...) that I decided
what a GREAT idea for a gift!!! SOOO this is what I did:

I wish I would have taken a better picture but I had to get it
to her pretty quick so I just snapped this and sent it on it's way...

here's a card I made to go with:

I heard from my sister today and she said the gift was a HIT!
Yay!! Exactly what I needed to hear :D I'm so glad they liked
it...made me so happy!

Hope your week goes great.
We've got a full week with doctors appts, orthodontist appts,
last minute things to get before next week, getting the boy all
registered as a senior for HS, physicals for both stuff!
Plus some scrapping in there somewhere :D
I picked up some fun stuff over the weekend on my Michaels &
Hobby Lobby runs...

OH! If you know of a place to get Undo..please PLEASE let me
know...I'm OUT and I need some desperately.

p.s. got my Label Tulip kit this weekend...
can't wait to show you PEEKS of their August kit!
You will LVE!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

**Simply Put**

I've gone and challenged myself...
to go simple.
just for the day.
I did it.

with a little cheating of course.
clear embossing is on the brads and the cork letters.
but that layout took me all of 30 minutes.
see even being simple takes me a while. LOL!
but it's cute.
the boys that is....they're cute.
this is for CMK -- using the August kit.
Go GET it it.
Have a great day everyone...
I'm off like a dirty shirt
to get my new do

Let me leave you with a piece of advice.
Smores aren't smores without the...



Monday, August 3, 2009

**See I told you Girls Just Wanna Have Fun**

Especially when they want to reveal a secret or 2 (or in my case 3 or 4...)

It's time to reveal The Girls Loft August kit!

Here's what I did:

First up is the Princess...

not sure why my adjusting the color made her photo
so washed out... bleh!!
This gorgeous photo is by Andie Smith @ eight18photography
(she took Savannah's SR. pics)
If you're sentimental, don't read the journaling. Trust me.
I used the words from the Miley & Billy Ray Cyrus song..
"Butterfly Fly Away" it. You'll get a bit misty eyed too...
I LOVE the words. Totally the way I feel right now especially
with the girl moving to college in just...15 days.
--I loved the netting that came in the kit.
I decided first off I was going to use it as butterfly netting.
I distressed EACH butterfly.
I layered 3 together for 1 butterfly, the rest just on the page.
I sprayed glimmer mist on the "blue" toned
butterflies then used clear
embossing powder to make them shiney.
I used 3 coats for a thick shimmer...
then I painted one silver and 2 green....
added polka dots with pens and buttons for a final touch.
Isn't that lace to die for! I love it!
closeup of the buttons..

and the butterfly (well the 3 layered butterflies..)
Next we have the boy when he was about 10 years old.
(he's 17 now) .... we are on South Padre Island (on the Texas coast)
but I think I wrote Corpus not even thinking...oh well.
LOL they've been both placesso it's ok...
Isn't he cute though lying in that water! I love these photo's...

and here's "The Fam". This photo is from Father's Day this year...
oops! I see the "T" fell...oh well. LOL! I love this bunch of
peeps like no tomorrow....I'm a lucky lucky girl.
and a closeup:
& finally a little project I came up with....
I used a Teresa Collins tab file chipboard page
and turned itsideways for a little "Happy Summer" board
...from The Girls Loft!
I loved doing this...
I'm into making those "inchies" right now!
Although this one's more of a "2 inchie"
with the circle punch...
Get this kit. Trust me.
Go here: The Girls Loft to see how to get this kit!
(and check out the blog while you're there!)
Here's a little closeup:
and one more:
Thanks for letting me show you...
I hope your week is wonderful!
Fill me in...what's up with you?
What's on the plans for the week?
We're almost done getting the girl ready for move in day...
This week's a "Welcome To Baylor" party at a fellow Baylor students
home..we can't wait!
Take care everyone...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

**Girls just wanna have fun.....**

(( heavy post...))

Heck yes THEY do!
are you READY to take a peek at The Girls Loft's August kit?

Wait for it....
Wait for it....

prepare to be amazed, excited, to squeal with delight...
afterall GIRLS do just wanna have FUN!

Ok, look......
DELICIOUS, huh? This is August's kit. It's up. GO GET IT!

Go check out The Girls Loft Blog to see the entire contents
and to see how to sign up for the kits!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here's a couple of sneaks of what I did with this kit:

and as if that wasn't enough of girls just wanting to have fun...
I wanted to show you my layouts I did for Scrap For A Cure.
This is August's Kit:
(my girl going to her SR. prom)
just my girl...(yep, I've used this pic before..hee hee)
and I'm SO not a card maker..but I tried:
Go get the kit!
I know your card will be 2387387873871 better...:D
Oh, check out the blog too!! Click here: Scrap For A Cure Blog