Wednesday, September 30, 2009

**Glitz meets Shimmerz**

and boy did they ever get along....
I'd like to share my Glitz-y, Shimmerz-y projects with you:

**WARNING..this post is photo heavy...**

First I decided a while back I wanted to create a canvas layout
with yummy Shimmerz & the FUN new lines from Glitz.

I saw this picture from a recent upload of my son....
I knew it was PERFECT for what I wanted to do...
-First I sanded my canvas a prime it a little.
-Then I painted my canvas silver using the Adirondack daubers...
-Next I sprayed my Concrete Shimmerz. Dried it with my heat gun,
Sprayed Licorice (new release!!) and dried it all with my heat gun again.

-Next I took my versamark ink
& the CUTE CUTE polka dot stamp from Glitz
and stamped along the edges of my canvas...
(I wanted a boyish, grungy look...)

-then used Tim Holtz new distressed (why do I love that word? LOL)
-then I heated it with the heat gun again,
this is the end result. I LOVE how it turned out.
--after that I proceeded to add paper, ribbons, buttons, stickers...

but I have to share that the orange saying: 
"Do You Know Where You Are Going On Your Journey"
is NOT from Glitz nor from Shimmerz.
It's a postcard I found while shopping in Waco near Savannah's college...
I HAD to use it on here. I KNEW what I wanted to do with that
the minute I bought it.
I wanted to show you how yummy the Glitz rub ons are.
Not to mention they go on like BUTTER.
I ♥♥♥ them.
I used Shimmerz new release Wed Wagon (I LOVE that name!)
along the edge of my son's photo.
It's safe, non toxic....won't damage at all...
plus it looks really COOL as a frame for your photo...

Next up we have my cute little fam:
whom I LOVE so much.
That photo's so funny...
I was getting the picture of my husband and daughter
while at Parents Weekend at Baylor University
and Shaypher just happens to walk by and look up and smile.
Cracks me up...makes you wonder if he had that planned, eh?

But about the layout....
The Glitz stamps are so must have them all. I LOVE that circle.
-I used the new Glitz "olivia" line.
-along with elements added  from the"vintage" line.
-Spritzed a TON of Shimmerz Baby's Breath...seriously...MUST have!

and ready for another grungy boy page?
here ya have it...
the boy on his first day of his SENIOR year.
Craziness I tell you.
Him? Senior?
that's my BABY.
(although he'd DIE if he knew I just wrote that)

Anyway...this is the new "detour" line from Glitz. 
Delish huh? It's already grungy, I did nothing but
spritz on some Baby's Breath Shimmerz to make it shimmer (z) :D

but on these stars...I went NUTS!
--On the star on the left, all I used was Shimmerz Hi Ho Silver paint.
Check out that shimmer!
Seriously...if you don't have Shimmerz..GET SOME.
You HAVE to have it.  :D

This one's my favorite:
Probably because this is my girls' SR pictures that
I just LOVE Andie's work. Super talented girl
(and she just took Shaypher's!)

Anways...this layout was so fun to do. 
The Glitz "hot mama" line is so easy to use.
I wanted a splash of a contrast so I added some green...
and spritzed lots of Shimmerz of course.
I use it so much it's become a staple!
I LOVE that staple....

and tomorrow I've got another Shimmerz-ized Glitz project to share with you...
right along with my Point.Blank.Period Challenge Layout.
Prompt #2.
are you ready?

p.s. Just waiting to hear back from
my Shimmerz Winner...



Monday, September 28, 2009

**It's THAT time again...SFAC Sneak Peek & Ohhh winner!!**

It's time for a little SNEAK peek at Scrap For A Cure's OCTOBER kit.
I can't believe it's already time for October.
This year,
wait, hold up....
the past 20 years....
have done nothing but

Hope you're having a FUN day!
Today I'm going to have lunch with my SWEET sweet friend
I am SO lucky we live in the same
area we can meet
and giggle
as long as we want! ;D
(well until they kick us out, ha!)

I'm waiting to hear from you:  mom2alex.
YOU are my SHIMMERZ winner...
send me your info and I'll get
that sent RIGHT out to you!!!!

Hugs everyone...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

**Winner Winner Shimmerz--y Dinner**

Are you ready for a winner???

Ok if this is you:

mommy2alex said... Those are gorgeous pumpkins!
Thank you SO much for the video, love to see fun products being demonstrated:)
September 21, 2009 9:43 AM

then YOU are my winner!! Please send me your address and contact info and I will
make sure your Shimmerz gets sent to you!

I want to thank you ALL for all your comments. Seriously....I think my heart swelled
as big as the state I live in (Texas, hee hee) reading your sweet words!!
You've all inspired me, you've touched me, you've made my entire week....

So thank YOU for being the YOU's that YOU are.

***update...tonight will be the OTHER drawing for my GLITZ prize pack
if you left a comment on following the podcast...***

Have a WONDERFUL week!

Monday, September 21, 2009

**It's a SHIMMERZ Video Blog Hop AND...a podcast? What?!**

Hi y'all!!
Welcome to the Shimmerz Blog are at stop #5!!
Are you having serious hoppin' fun or WHAT!  
If you've hopped on over here from Tanisha's fabulous blog
then you are on the right hoppin' trail...yay! 
If not, just go back to the Shimmerz Blog to make sure you're on the right path...

Have you fallen in LOVE with
the Shimmerz New Vintage Colors?

Well...guess what! YOU can TOTALLY get
the new FALL colors...TODAY!
Just go here: SHIMMERZ  and fill your cart RIGHT up
with ALL of the gorgeous fall releases.
(and'll want EVERYTHING, trust me....;D)

 Here's my video for sure to watch to the end 
and  LISTEN for my FAVORITE new fall release color
because it's mighty important info you'll need
for your chance to win one of 5 sets of the new releases...woo hoo!!

(Be sure to email your answers to:

Here's close up's of my finished projects from my video:

and now it's time for you to hop on over to Maggie's blog.....
but WAIT
Before you take off...don't forget to leave me a comment here
on  MY blog for an extra chance to win one of
these delicious jars...from ME!!
I will choose a winner by Friday (midnight CST)


(colors will vary)
Thank you for stopping and hopping by my blog!
I hope you Enjoy the rest of your blog hop! 

Don't forget to check the Shimmerz Blog ALL this week for amazing
projects by the Education Team AND the Design Team! :D
***OHHHH p.s....  
This news is beyond me.
I was asked by this super
SWEET sweet lady..Amy Coon to be a highlight artist
for her new fabulouswebsite
(which launched today as a matter of fact....)
The Paper Life -- (click me)

Amy approached me and wanted to do a podcast interview
I'm still shocked..thinking..."ME? What in the world is interesting
about ME? I'm just a girl who loves life, polka dots and pink...
who LIVES for her family...ME? Really?" 
Ok so I gave in and she interviewed me..
here's the podcast:  The Paper Life

**disclaimer:  I've never done this PLEASE please ignore
the dorkiness, the brain toots, the crackle...all of it. LOL.**

Be sure to leave a comment on the site so you can be
entered to win MY giveaway of a LOOT of Glitz
NEW release goodies..(papers, stickers, rub ons, stamps,
frosting..and maybe even a little surprise I *might* put in there too)

So go give Amy a big ol..."ATTA GIRL" for her brand new
fabulous site which is meant to inspire ALL you crafters out there...
check out what The Paper Life's   all about (click that link)

Hope your day is so so fabulous...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

***Label Tulip -- September**

I tip toed...through the Tulip...and came up with
this, this and that....using September's gorgeous
main kit+ add ons. I got both of them.  Used
little pieces of each on everything....

<---- (photography by Andie Smith @
Sometimes RED is SO HARD to photograph...uggh....
I wanted to show how easy it is to use the packaging that the kits
come wrapped in....I cut strips here and tied them in knots....
and here....I used one side of the wrapping and sprayed Shimmerz
ALL over it. I used a butterfly I cut from the Hambly paper
that came in add on #1 as my mask...then I cut the other butterflies
(they were pink) and turned them over, detailed them and stuck
them here...I also used the butterfly as my letter to myself..
WHICH so happens to be our Challenge this month....
(write a letter to your 18 year old self)
(If you want to read the letter, you can click on my layout,
it should be big enough to read)
This layout below is by a sweet friend of mine, Leigh Penner.
 Danielle Flanders chose her layout as our "member lift" from the gallery. 
this is my lift of Leigh's layout.....
(it's another note to me today)
and then....I decided to create this little fall art:

Everything but the FRAME is included in the kit (and add ons!)
I Shimmerzed the frame -- I mean I had to, it was nakey without it! ;D

Thanks for taking the time to check out my layouts I did using
the Label Tulip September kit.

Check the GALLERY <-------------- to see what our guest designer and
the Tulip Girls's a YUMMY gallery!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

**Reveal's today...but here's a little peeky peek**

until then!  ....
Label Tulip September Kit:

Seriously Delish!
Off to a busy busy day....
hope yours is blessed and beautiful!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

** new fave word. ever.**

Do you see WHY? ;D


I consider myself very blessed. Blessed to be chosen
to be a part of an  incredible group of talented and
beautiful ladies.  Here's our team:  Jeni Boisvert (Leader Extraordinairre),
Lori Renn, Michelle Lanning, Tanisha Long and myself. 
We will be bringing you video tutorials, classes, online classes,
how to's....everything you need to know about Shimmerz.

(If you're in Texas and you're interested in a Shimmerz class taught
near you, please let me know!! If you're in ANY state and
are interested in classes...let me know that too. ;D)

I am SO excited to get started on this exciting new venture!
It's going to be what I like to think of as Inspiration Station!

Friday, September 11, 2009

****It's all about being ShimmerZy...just ask Edward!***

If you asked Edward to describe himself in the sun..
this is what he'd say......

He'd say....
I'm shimmerZ-y like Shimmerz.
Not only that...but like Shimmerz NEW website!
Did you see it?
WAY Easier to order product from!
Just fill your cart and GO.

Fun new new site!
What'cha think????

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

***ShimmerZ + VintaGe = ♥love♥!!**


Ohhh look what I see!! I spy with my little bitty glasses covered eyes....
Vintage - ness from SHIMMERZ!!!!!! 
September 21st is ONE exciting day...gorgeous new colors,
exciting...wait did I say EXCITING? News....inspiration galore...
put it on your calendar, YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS!

Trust me.
I mean...really...TRUST ME!

LOOK who our Guest Designer is this month...Jennifer Beason
CHECK out her fabulous designs! LOVE her stuff...big big fan!

Hope you're having a great day!

Monday, September 7, 2009

**Back To School...THEGIRLS LOFT Style!**

It's that time again...back to school. 
Are you ready?

The Girls Loft is!!
To kick off the season...
this September kit is PERFECT!
I LOVE this kit. SO versatile ...
so easy to use on any age school kid...
elementary, high school...even below:

(photography by Andie Smith @ 

here's a little closeup:
(see the Shimmerz???
 I use it on everything...
LOVE love LOVE Shimmerz!)
and here's our graduate girl.

She received a high  achievement --Texas Scholar
She was awarded this medal in a ceremony and later
wore her medal and was recognized at her graduation...)
way to go princess!! 
 Isn't this kit fab???I LOVE the lace that was included!

and our boy...this is his first day of his Senior year in HS...
we'll have another graduate next year...
Adore the apple mini that was in the kit...ADORE it.

used Shimmerz to paint the letters and
Shimmerz Spritz to make it POP!
This is Savannah and her best Baylor Bud...
these 2 are the cutest friends. 
They went to high school together and are
now buddies @ Baylor U! :D Sic 'em Bears!
(I added the Baylor stickers & embellilshments)
and here's what I did with the rest of the apples....
(my honey)
(my princess)

(and the prince)

I hope you enjoy...GO GET THE KIT. I think there's a FEW
left, hurry hurry!!!!!!!!!!!!

OHH and have you seen THIS news??
Yes...hurry and apply! Label Tulip is holding a new DT call!

Well the girl just left to go back to school...(she's been home for Labor Day)
so I am off to go get my creating on.....
have a great day!!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

**Did you see?? Not to mention...I got alotta to showa youa....**

Have you BEEN to Point.Blank.Period?
Did you SEE the prompt for challenge 1?
Are you ready to get your creative hat on?
Step out of that box?
Wow not only everyone you know
but most of all...YOURSELF????
Did you SEE what the DT did? WOW!!!!!
They ALL blew me away! 

Here's MY little snippit of a layout....
time to step out of MY comfy zone & let you start your new life
as a college freshman.
You have NO idea how hard it is for this momma to do that.
 BUT I am. And I'm OK with it.
I'm just not comfortable without you around 24/7. ~mom.
a little closer:
AND...woo HOO!!!
It's time for the BiG September REVEAL at
we got this CUTE teeny tiny minibook in our kits.. this not adorable?
and of course...I had to put my cutie of a hubby in it so I can
carry it around...

and here we have our family...umm....clown.
can you GUESS who I'm speaking of?
**used a TON of Shimmerz on this project too...the blue circles? Shimmerz,
the frame around my photo? Shimmerz.  The silver drop up there that
isn't supposed to be there?
want that link again?
Here:  SHIMMERZ <----you'll want one in EVER color.
Look! It's me and my girl! Gosh I miss her....something FIERCE!
Used LOTSA Shimmerz-A here-A too-A!
(even on the velvet ribbon...LOL)
and here's my hub again...he makes me happy...
makes me wanna sing that song by Never Shout Never
called "Happy" it. cute cute song...
(yep, you'll be humming it all day!)
card I whipped up. I don't do cards. I can't make them
look right. ever. but hey..I tried!
and I hope you're having a delightful week!
Do you watch Big Brother?
WHOA...getting intense!
please don't make him
leave this week...
he's kinda cute to look at....
I just heard a rumor about something fun coming soon..
but I better make sure it's NOT a rumor and true
before I say anything...
Junque FOR Roses...
you are a winner in my RAK
but I haven't heard from you...
I'll happily draw again...
what do you think, in say...
2 more days?
Friday...if I don't hear from JFR by Friday..
I'll draw again!
Hugs all...
p.s. off to work on The Girls Loft projects..
will share soon!