Thursday, December 31, 2009

*So long 2009....Well hello there 2010*

I've been blessed this entire year.
There may have been some "uhh, hold up"
moments...but you know what? through the
good ones, the bad ones...
I've been blessed.

So thank you 2009 for the memories.
The good ones to love
the bad ones to live and learn from....
I'm ready for you 2010. Ready to see
what you have in store for me, for us...

I'd like to say to them:

I love you more than life itself.
Thank you for being who you are,
for making me who I am:

(the luckiest girl alive)

and to all of you, thank you
for bringing me the blessing of your
friendship, love, support...
may you all have a VERY happy and blessed
Sending lots and LOTS Of hugs your way.


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lost & Found....

This video spoke to me.
I love this artist.
I love her words.
I love this video:

I hope I am one to help the lost get found......

Monday, December 28, 2009

and the forecast calls for more....wanna sneak?

yep...that's correct. I know, I can't believe it either.
This is Texas, correct? We don't see snow like this...
we usually get ICE like a mad storm in January/February...
this to me is magical.  While some people loathe the snow...
Ever since I was a little girl...I have ♥'ed snow.
HIS glory, HIS wonder...
HIS creation...
This is our front yard on Christmas Eve:

and this is our backyard.  I love how the snow looks on our palms by the pool...

Look at it coming down!

want a sneak at the gorgeous January Scrap For A Cure kit?
Is it really already time for the blog hop? Wow...
Here's a couple of my sneaks:

Be sure to check out what all the other girls did!
And...have you checked out the Scrap For A Cure Blog? should!!
So much inspiration there!
Come back on January 3rd for the
You'll LOVE this kit...
trust me!

Hope your day is fabulous
and that you smile alot.
Smiling's my favorite. :D

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

*I love CHRISTmas*

Can you tell?
Here's a hint at our home this Christmas...

(please excuse my roll of paper, the box of shimmerz'ed circles
for my garland and the teeny blue dog toy.  I forgot to move....)

(silly Duster insisted he spoke for all furry 4legged babes
with tails in our house by saying...."meRRy WoOfmAs to you!")

Merry Christmas,
May it be joyous, full of festivities, love,
memories and most of all.....beautiful.

The Ashe's.

(a glimpse at our Christmas card this year)

Monday, December 21, 2009

hello tennessee, hello n. carolina...take 2!

I made a little slide show...
wanna see? go here:

Our Tennessee/N. Carolina trip 2009

getting ready for the next few days?
We are!
I love this time of year....

Sunday, December 20, 2009

*hello tennessee. hello north carolina*

my how I love you both.
let's see...
if I could choose just one of you
to be my best friend
forever and ever....
I'd have to say...
I want you both!
I ♥ the mountains, the little towns,
the people and their accents...
(although they say I have an accent?
What? Have you heard YOURS? I could
melt away in yours! LOL....)
So let me share with you a few of my faves...
from our trip to my hubby's family's roots:

but *WAIT*
before I do that, I have to show
you something big, really REALLY big:

Did you see my post below?
Did you go check it out?
You want to win some...right? go HERE comment...and...

Now on to
(but not meaning to)
bore you with tons and tons of photo's...
I'll start here with a few of my faves:

<---the shoe tree.  We had just come out of Corinth, Mississippi  and passed this. We all saw it at the same time. Oh worth turning around. THAT is just hilarious!

<----One of these things is not like the other...
(WHERE's Savannah??)

I loved this wall in Cherokee...he's my only subject that would get out for pics...they were either sound asleep or over the photo's. I'll go with option one.
<----a sign in Cherokee, NC. I ♥'ed it.

<---love this!
the above and below's are in my hubby's hometown of Etowah, TN:

that almost made the "Christmas card cut" this year.  fan.tabulous.shot action.

<---wait, hold up. WHAT happened here?
well....according to the NEXT photo:

<---- says it all...
so was it Edward or Jacob? Hmmm.......

I just ♥ them.
hard to believe she's a college girl
and he's on his way next fall.
in 6 short months.
be back soon with more pics.

p.s. i can't wait to share something fun with you in Jan. '10.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Shimmerz + ST = ♥

That's right...
have you SEEN this?

Scrapbook Trends Blog

Did you see??
I'm so excited!!!

GOOO Shimmerz!!!!!!!
Thank you for featuring SHIMMERZ!!

How SWEET are they to
feature my book!!!

Thank you again Scrapbook Trends!
Merry Merry everyone,

Thursday, December 17, 2009

**Treasures in numbers....**

I love treasures.

Especially in antique stores.

I love this little tiny store in Etowah, TN
on the main street, in the main part of town,
which..if you blinked you'd miss it....
where you felt like once you walked in it, you
went back to all the years, imagining yourself
in each era of things you picked up.....
that is pure happiness.

Just look at my treasures I found:

The big cup and tiny cups are going to hold
treasures on my scrap desk.

just look at this old stamp we found that
they used to use at the newspaper printing press:

So see...why I saved this to show you
in it's own post?
I'm even going to scrapbook my treasures.

Hope your day is Merry...
off to get some last minute creating done...
lots of love...

Sunday, December 13, 2009

**Where you going to put a tree THAT size?**

best line ever from Christmas Vacation.
Best holiday movie.

well that one and The Holiday. 
Seen it? you must!

Speaking of Holidays...
Have you seen the December The Girls Loft kit?
Get it!! You will want to roll in it like I did once you receive
all the goodies inside.
I had the best time creating:

See...did I NOT say this was the BEST kit?
(I know I say it every month. Hey I mean it!
Margie, Brooke & Megan put together FABBBBBulous kits!

Want to see a few of the boy's SR. pics?
Andie Smith @
took them @ Sundance Square in
Dowtown Fort Worth, Texas.

He was HILARIOUS yet serious yet
totally into his shoot.
check it out:

Shaypher was on his game.

and finally..
since I've probably bored you enough
with photo's...
I'll share some of our trip pics
and my treasures with you next post.

I wanted to close with how blessed I am.
This guy:

(ok so yes, this is from our trip, LOL)
is on the way to the grocery store.
To get ingredients for a yummy italian
chicken/sausage spaghetti dinner we saw
in our Holiday Food Network magazine.
Then...he's going to cook it.
HE is.
all because he wants to.
I know...
(but so is he, hee hee....)

Merry Christmas!