Sunday, January 31, 2010

*FAVE CHA Release....HANDS down**

is this line RIGHT here: 
Margie is the SWEETEST lady ever.
The most TALENTED designer too!
When she asked me to make some
designs for her CHA booth...
as I said below...
I was feeling like
the LUCKIEST duck
that ever quacked.
Thank you Margie...I LOVE LOVE LOVE your
new lines and I KNOW all of Scrapbook America
is going to SWOON over it I did!
She gave me the "ok" to here we go!

Here's what I did with Margie's line
"Paper Girl" :

(click on image to make it larger if you want to see details)

I've used this photo before..
{it really IS ok to do that you know....}
**photo to return soon -- out for publication**

everything you see is from The Girls Paperie by Margie
Have you SEEN pictures of her full line? Go check it out!
The letters...swoon.
The flowers...swoon.
Just everything...SWOON!

another project:
so me, so girly, so FUN!!
I LOVE the flowers AND that metal frame? Already distressed. Score.

Now this line is perfect. It's the travel line, called: 
"On Holiday" but my fave thing about this line?
It can be used FOR ANYTHING!
boys,girls, family, travel...whatever.  I.LOVE!
Here's some things I did:

check out the POLKA dos. I LOVE polka dots.

the ribbon...oh my.  I ADORE the postage stamp paper. ADORE.

and he has these packs of die cuts to go with each line.
again...bring on the swooning.

and one more thing:
DID you SEE the buttons? Not only is that's
SUPER swoonworthy. Her buttons are delish.

Did you see Amy Coon's vide with Margie about her new line?
You can check them out right here:
AND...there's a part 2: 

Don't forget to click play (the arrow) , turn up your
speakers and enjoy the show! Isn't her booth

AND...Margie's website is UP:

Thank you again Margie for the honor of working
with your gorgeous lines. I had SO much fun.

**be back soon with Shabby Chic goodness...
where I'm prety sure...♥ is IN the air.


Saturday, January 30, 2010

**CUTE as a BUTTON**

Seroiously...could THESE be ANY cuter?
Those are the multi - talented, *cute-as-a-button* Tessa Ann's creations!
did you see her news today?

I'm giddy!!!
I can't wait to get to work with Tessa's buttons
every month.  Can't WAIT!
Feeling honored & excited over here to work
alongside Tessa and the very talented ladies
on her team. Check out their!

Thank you for leting me share!
I  hope your weekend is wonderful.
I'm off early in the morning to cheer on my
sweet hubby in his first ever 5k run....

**I'll be back with Shabby Chic sneaks
and my layouts I did for CHA using Margie's new line
The Girls Paperie! ;D


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sorry to be late for the drawing....

was home for her ortho appointment and ended up spending the night, so
we had a lovely afternoon & evening...which made me totally space
on picking a winner...sorry guys!
So...without further adieu...
I have winner #1:


and winner #2:

which are:

April said...

Now I have to go out and find some pretty looking
paper cupcake holders. I like how you did those flowers.
January 23, 2010 9:38 PM


Stephanie Smith said...

Love your flowers, and the pearlz are terrific.
Thanks for the chance to win.
January 25, 2010 11:36 AM

so if you girls would please email me at:
leslie(nospace)ashe at att dot net
I will get your boxes of purge ready to go.

thank you ALL for your comments. I
appreciate each and every one of you!!

I've saved the best news for last...
have you heard the lastest?
VIBEZ is in town...
debuting at a Shimmerz site near you...
NEXT Tuesday....

are  you ready??
I know I am!!
Be back soon with some scrappiness ;D
I got my package of YUMMY Shabby Chic Designs
and can't WAIT to show you...
Hope your day is FABULOUS!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

You're My CuppyCake....

and she always will be!
I used to sing that to her when she was little!
(she'd die if she saw that I wrote that..tee hee!!)
I made these CUTE cupcake flowers I was pretty
excited about for my Shimmerz project last night...

I gathered some cupcake holders,
Shimmerz Pearlz (Teresa Collins, new release!),

and the things I wanted to use for my layout
and came up with this:

(layout removed for back soon!)

(You can see more of my directions at the Shimmerz blog
here:  Shimmerz Cupcake Flowers)

I was having such fun! I also made a border around my photo
using Ballet Pink's just DELICIOUS.
SOME.'ll love me for it.

Here's one more tiny project I made using the same color:
I've seen this bubblewrap technique a few times and wanted
to try it myself...
I had a BORING plain letter "L"
that's about a 4x6 in my scraproom.
I painted bubblewrap with the Ballet Pink Pearlz
and this is my outcome:

I think it turned out quite cute! ;D

So...I said something about a giveaway...didn't I?
I'm filling 2 Flat Rate Boxes with goodies again...
Leave me a comment here on what you think
about the newest Shimmerz CHA release,
the Shimmerz - Teresa Collins Pearlz....
I'll choose a winner AFTER CHA...
so Wednesday I'll draw 2 names.
(Please..Internationals, you are welcome to play...
just know that you will have to pay for shipping, it's
quite costly...thank you!!)

Speaking of CHA...
I sure wish I was there!
Hugs everyone...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

**It's Chic To Be Shabby**

Yay it's Wednesday!
I can share I can share!

Shabby Chic Crafts asked me to be a part
of their new Design Team!

I'm SO excited.  SO.
I have been asked to join
a very "chic" group of talented girls. And by talented...
I get to add MY name to THIS list:
Christina Padilla -- DTC
Sasha Holloway -- DTC
Megan Klauer
Amy Tangerine
Michelle Lanning

I'm a Shabby Girl! A Shabby Chic girl!
Thank you Veronica & Albert for asking me :D

I get to play with these:

and I can't WAIT. This is the new Valentine's Release.
Read the announcement here!
Shabby Chic Crafts Blog


I'm off to lie down.
I've had a headache the size of Texas all DAY long.
Yuck and YOW.
Maybe a Ginger Ale, my couch & blankie
and a  dose of Super Mario on the Wii
is just what I need?  Hmm.....

I hope all of YOU are well and having a
wonderful day...


p.s. thank you SO much
for all of your sweet comments
on my post below!
you are all the BEST.

p.s.s. I'll be back with some creations
using the new Shimmerz Pearlz (Teresa Collins)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

**One Lucky Duck Girl.....**

and by Duck Girl...I don't mean Goose.
(ya duck goose?)

Do you know how lucky I feel?
SO lucky.
Like the little girl who got the babydoll
she always wanted
The kind of lucky that everything goes right.
THAT kind
of lucky.
Ducky sort of lucky. (Ya know...lucky duck?)


I was branded "lucky" the day that Margie Romney-Aslett
asked me to create  with her debut the girls paperie

for her booth at CHA. 
WOW.  ::thud:: I almost hit the floor.
First off...have you SEEN them?
THEY are gorgeous!
and to get to play and create with them...
l.u.c.k.y ducky...
to show you a sneak.
(I can show you the full creations after CHA)
So here's a quickie look at "On Holiday":

This line makes me want to go on "holiday" every
(not to mention develop a true
British accent, in lieu of this Texas one...)
Can't you just roll in it?
I wanted to.
but I was afraid of injury....
to the paper, not myself. ;D

just because you're all so nice...
I'm going to show you a TEENY peek at
her 2nd line...

I could SWIM in the colors.
Pink. MY FAVE.
Green. ANOTHER fave.
and together? SLURP.
f.a.b.u.l.o.u.s. fabUlous. FaBuLoUs.
It's so fabulous I've saved every single
scrap I cut.  It's just too gorgeous NOT to.

If you're going to CHA.
STOP by the ADVANTUS booth.
Tell Margie HI!!
and give her a hug. FROM ME!!
Look at ALL the creations.
I can only imagine how GORGEOUS her
booth is going to be.
Take pics...I want to SEE!
I hope you have FUN!
I'll be there in spirit....

OH. and I have some exciting news to tell you about.
On Wednesday.
I really REALLY wanted to tell you today.
But Wednesday, the day of all days...
I can tell you.
SO come back by!
(I may have a giveway or don't forget to say HI!)

Have a happy week...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Brought to you by the Letters A, L & S... the no. 4 and.....

my January projects @ The Girls Loft :

Another absolutely AMAZING kit put together
by Margie, Megan & Brooke.
You just CAN'T go wrong with their kits.
If you're looking for a kit club....
join this one.
Just look at the contents..
The gorgeous Prima's,
that brocade sticker by Basic Grey...
the papers, ohhhhhhhhhhhh
the delish papers.
(you'll thank me later....)

you can see all my layouts
on the blog:

About my title...
I was on a mission the other day.
I set out for Hobby Lobby and Joann's.
I found treasure.
A ton of A's.  I have been wanting to put MORE
A's on my mantle above our fireplace.
The ones I've seen in stores are EXPENSIVE
and I knew I could make them look ALMOST as good
as the ones I lies my mission.
I'd say mission pretty much accomplished...wouldn't you

Now when I saw the "S" I had to get it....I had
an idea just dying to get out on to that S.
Of course it's for the girl's dorm...
I hope she likes! I even added a vintage
bottle cap of her FAVE drink ever....
do you see it?

Oh and the #4 I just had to have.
It symbolizes the 4 of us.
I love how it turned out, with
the gold paint shining through
the Shimmerz Gold Glimmer on top...

Oh!! Hey...did you remember about my post below?
with THIS image?

Take it, put it on YOUR blog, your FB status...
anywhere AND everywhere. Message boards,
Twitter...whereever you may go...
then check the  Shimmerz Blog for more details on how to WIN!
Now sit back, relax...and watch the BIG NEWS:

fun stuff...HUH!!?!!

** I'm SO EXCITED.  If you don't see me for a few days
it's because I'm super duper knee deep (if I'm not rolling in it, LOL)
in creating things for Margie Romney-Aslett's booth at CHA.
Her  BRAND NEW REALEASE:  "the girls margie"
she's created 2 new lines and they are SO DELISH.
Check out her blog, she's got a sneak up!
Margie's Blog

Be back soon with sneaks...
♥ - Leslie.

Monday, January 11, 2010

**If June Cleaver can wear them.....**

you can too!
Girls...get your cardigans ready......

**details coming soon**
Add this blinkie to YOUR blog too!
(I'll be back with more news and an update....

Thursday, January 7, 2010

**Pay It Forward? Would YOU? **

That's what's on our minds @ Point.Blank.Period.
Have you BEEN to check out the January prompt?
You should....
We'd LOVE to see your design....
be sure to click the link to see how
to submit your layouts for our challenge AND
to see the prompt.

Here's what I did.
I'm ALL about Paying It Forward.
No doubts, no questions.....
No looking back...

So think about it, scrap about it and send it in...
We're excited to see all you've done.

I've got a little peek for you @ The Girls Loft January kit:

Ok seriously? Can there BE any more gorgeous of a kit?  Don't Margie and her sweet girls, Brooke & Megan
pack a SERIOUS kit? Yum. Delicious. Fantastic...
Go to The Girls Loft , HURRY! :D

Speaking of Margie...
Check it:  Margie's Blog
EEK!! I'm so excited for her!
She's a wonderful lady, so sweet and TO DIE FOR
talent!! So happy for her....

and....before I go, I just wanted to ask....
have you felt the VIBEZ?
Wait...what is that you ask?
Well..since you asked , I MUST show you....

Are you feeling it? Can you SEE it? Wow...I'm SO EXCITED
to share this.  Shimmerz has a few things up their sleeves... a mere peek.
I hope you've enjoyed this sneaky!

I hope your day is full of beautiful things!

Monday, January 4, 2010

**Birthday Girl...**

Happy Birthday to her
Happy Birthday to her
Happy Birthday to our Princess...
Happy 19th Birthday to HER:

(photo courtesy of:  Melinda Leal, taken:  12.23.09)

Dear Savannah....
I hope you know how proud you make us
how happy you make us
how crazy you make us...
how contageous your laugh is...
how contageous your smile is...
how loving you is what completes us.
thank you for making me a mommy.
thank you for making me who I am today.
Because I'm not who I am without you.
I adore you.
I am thankful for you.
I love you.
Happy Birthday to you. 
Your last year in the "teens".
When did THAT happen?
Weren't you JUST our little girl?
Now you're a young lady...
a freshman at Baylor University
who loves life.
who lives to love.
who loves to live.
makes each one of US
so lucky to be a part of YOU.
Happy Birthday, Princess.

This is for you...
In your honor I want to share a few of my FAVE
layouts of you:

I love so much!
happy happy day.
to all of you too!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

*Scrap.For.A.Cure and.......*

It's time to share my January Scrap For A Cure kit!
I can hardly believe this is my last kit for this incredible
team of girls...
My term's up at the end of this month ...:*(
I have enjoyed working with and for all of the girls there.
Thank you so much for having me on your team!

here's what I did with the incredibly gorgeous
January Main Kit:

I am a sucker for circles. AND glitter.  so I made my glitter
cardstock into circles.  I used them as a mask, turned them over
and sprayed Mango Madness Shimmerz on the fabric included in
the kit, then used a silver pen as a detailer around the circles.
I seriously love how that turned out! Isn't my girl gorgeous?

My next layout is based on a sketch by the sweet talented Jana Eubank
I LOVE her sketches!!
I also love how lucky I am to get to work with her on Shimmerz!

Here's my layout based on her sketch:

I absolutely ADORE this photo of my fam.  Love love love. 
(sorry for the shadow's...but in this case I think they look pretty cool!)

How was your New Year's??
Embark on a new tradition?
Make any resolutions?
Kept them so far?

We stayed in this year...
watched movies, played Mario Kart on the Wii...
just had a fun night together...(the hub and me)
Made black eyed peas (family tradition) for "luck".

I sure hope yours was amazing.

I'll be back soon with my Point.Blank.Period January prompt.
You won't want to miss it!

Oh and...
I got happy mail to play with!
My January "The Girls Loft" happily arrived.
I'm currently playing with and will show you sneaks...
Again...a to die for kit.

WAIT! Before I go....
I think I forgot to show you something incredible.
Well to me it is anyway...

(I'm pretty sure it is to her too....)
Notice anything?
Here's another peek:

Figure it out?
YEP! The princess got her braces off!
Man she's a happy girl....

Have a wonderfully spectacular day!