Thursday, February 25, 2010

**Denimized Shimmer...Shimmerized Denim...**

which sounds better?
Either way....
I LOVE love love how Shimmerz Vibez looks
on denim!!

My cute hubby was throwing out some jeans
he doesn't wear anymore. I had a GREAT idea
and asked him if he minded if I took them...
I couldn't of course wear them, he's
about 34873847387872232 times taller
than I am....(tee hee)

I love the look of those roses everyone's
been doing from paper and fabric.
THAT was my great idea...I took that cool
technique and cut my denim into roses....

Sprayed them with Shimmerz, painted them with
Shimmerz Blingz and Pearls and this is the outcome:
I sprayed each denim rose with RazzleDazzle Berry Shimmerz Vibez.
The Vibez is so cool..I love how it soaked up in my denim and made it look
 a tad bit shabby---with some killer effects of already being
that color! Love it...
I used my heat gun to speed up the drying process.
Next I painted the
tips of my roses with Pixie Dust Blingz
for just a little bit more sparkle.
Then on some of the petals I painted
more dimension and color.
I really like how this turned out.

I used Prima leaves that are natural in color
and sprayed them with Shimmerz Vibez in
Vertigre. After drying with my heatgun
I painted the edges with Ballet Slipper Pearlz.

Here's a few close ups:

I don't plan on putting this page in my albums.
It's one of Savannah's SR. photo's
( so I'm going
to display it on an easel in my home.

This is one of the two layouts I completed at my crop
this weekend.  My other one is for The Button Shop.
It will be posted March 8th. ;D

If you are wanting to make a flatter flower so that it
can fit in your album and you want to use denim and Shimmerz...
I'd suggest you trace a flower, cut it out, then go to town
spraying on the sparkle...
Remember before throwing out those old ratty jeans...
you could make them into a masterpiece...
Have fun!!
Show me what you did!

Have a wonderful day friends!
Don't forget to say hi...


Sunday, February 21, 2010

**Have I shown You?**

I have to show you something! Something that made my day bright.

A sweet friend of mine Sheri Twing, who's work I adore emailed me
a bit ago and told me she "scraplifted" a layout of mine as
a scraplift assignment she had for a team she serves on....

I can't tell you how that made my day! To  think she chose
me to  scraplift....I'm quite honored!! I mean have you SEEN
Sheri's work??

I have to show you her layout:

I LOVE this!!!
Gorgeous colors, gorgeous photograph...fabulous work!

Sheri lifted this layout of mine I did a while back:
(one of my faves I've done of my girl!)
I just have to tell Sheri again...
Love what you did !
Thank you for choosing me as your lift
and for sharing this with me!
(see I told you I'd blog it! Silly!)

I can't wait to share with you what I worked on
at the crop last night...
I managed  to complete 2 layouts
for  upcoming assignments for
Shimmerz & The Button Shop.
Which is a record for me
since I can't stop gabbing long
enough to  even  complete 1,
LOL!! The night went by TOO

Have a wonderful day,

Saturday, February 20, 2010

**Picked A Winner...PLUS CCCHH Changes**

What do you think? Notice anything???

I bet you do because it's the first thing I SEE!!
My NEW BANNER!! Isn't it yummy?
I LOVE the design, the colors...ALL of it.

My SWEET SWEET friend....
(and have I mentioned SWEET friend?)
Kimberly Neddo
(click her will be SO inspired...she is
ONE talented girl..and did I mention...
SWEET? that girl.)
made that for me!!! 
I can't thank  you ENOUGH Kimberly..
LOVE YA bunches!

I see my boy below told you guys
I wasn't around yesterday to pick a winner
(wow, that sounds SO wrong, LOL)
Our girl came home for the weekend
and I was with her every minute...gotta get
those sweet moments in when I can. We don't
see her enough! Well in my opinion anyway...
tee hee!! she's probably thinking....
"a little too much Mom?"...

So without further adieu....
I've cleaned and purged.
I've got a flat rate box ready....
to go to.....




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who happens to be:

klasickewpie said...

Oh yes! I'm already a follower. I must buy some of those
buttons, as they would be perfect to designiate the
birthdays on the new magnetic calendar I just got.
A little glue, a little magnet and there you have it..
.cute as a button. So sweet on your LO used as a
topper on the folded flower too!.

February 17, 2010 10:24 PM

Just email me at:  leslieashe(at)att(dot)net

and I'll get your box on your way to you
early next week!!

Thank you EVERYONE for your sweet comments!
I adore you all!

Have a LOVELY lovely day.
Me and the girl are going to meet my sweet sister
for lunch. Then.......
I'm off to crop with a new friend and I'm SO excited...
meeting my fellow Shimmerz DT girl Taj White
at Scrappers Boutique for a night of fun!
I can't WAIT!


Friday, February 19, 2010

**Lost In Translation....Puppy Style**

(that's doggie talk for "ATTENTION everyone")

::arf arf ARF...WOOF..arf::
(Hi, it's ME DUSTER, yo.)

::Woof Arf WOOF ARF woof woof.::pant::squirrel! arf::
(My mom asked ME, her pup to post for her...squirrel!)

::woof woof arf woof arf arf arf woof arf...grrrr....::
(She will be back in a little while to draw a winner for her giveaway
of  her cleaned and purged scrappy desk.
See Post Below.)

::woof woof WOOOOOOOOFFFFF arf arf::
(something about a Princess is coming home for
the weekend?)

::arf arf arf arf  arf arf arf woof woof WOOF::
(in other words, you still have some time to get a comment
in if you want to be considered for the drawing, YAY!)

:Arf, ARF WOOF woof woof woof::drool::
(& ON THAT note, I'm off to find the squirrel.)

::arf woof arf::
(with my bro's.)

::arf arf::
(chow chow)

(I think I heard....treat!)

Monday, February 15, 2010

**Button me up, cupcake!**

really....I do come up with those titles myself.
cheese. total cheese.
you like buttons, right?
Especially CUTE CUTE buttons...
like THESE....right?

What about when they're mixed with cupcakes?
Like this....

"Sweet Cakes" by Tessa Ann Designs in her Button Shop:

yummy...yes?  oh goodness.
aren't they DELISH? 
I am so excited I got to work with them!!

It is my "Creative Team Monday" over at

Want to see what I did?

you can see it in full and what else I did
by going to The Button Shop blog...

Thanks for stopping by today!
I hope your day is fabulous.
Guess what else...
I've got one more box of
"I've cleaned and purged my scraproom"
if you are interested...
just follow my blog and leave me a comment
saying you did...
I will draw a winner Friday!

Friday, February 12, 2010

**Love, Love, Love**

happy LOVE weekend!

Let's celebrate.
This is my full reveal of
the February "The Girls Loft" kit.

First up is the project above.  I bought this old cream colored
frame at this FABULOUS little store "Bloom & BE Swanky" in Waco,
while on a visit to see our girl @ Baylor University. 
(p.s. ever in Waco? You MUST go to B&BS!!!!)
I've held on to it waiting
for the PERFECT project to come along.
When I opened and after rolling through my Girls Loft kit goodies...
I decided..."HEY! My little frame would look PERFECT!!" so
I painted it with Shimmerz Pearlz (teamed with Teresa Collins)
in Ballet Slipper (it's a PERFECT pink!!!), leaving some cream
coming through..I wanted it a bit shabby, yet chic!
I used the music note paper, the heart doilie,  (I LOVE doilies!!),
the ribbon, button, sticker letters and glitter (on chipboard letters
by Maya Road that were in my stash)
that came in The Girls Loft kit & whipped this "love" welcome
up so fast! I love it as a design for my scrappy's small
and cute! 

Next up is my precious, PRECIOUS
boy....(photography by eight18photography):
I did lots here.  His picture just said..."stars".
So...that's where the stars come in.
When you get this kit (or any of your kits) that come
in a brown paper bag...don't throw away your
packaging..i might come in handy as an embellshment!
All the little things were in this cute brown paper bag
and I used it as backing for my chipboard star
 (Magistical Memories, from my stash)
(also used the star insides as my template for the musical
star behind my photo the little musical star is a Heidi Swap
chipboard star I covered with the musical paper -- from my stash),
then covered it in the
Pink Paislee glitter that came in the kit.
I love glitter...boy did I have it EVERYWHERE.
(and everywhere, I mean everywhere. hmph.)
Here's a closeup of my stars:
aren't those tickets fun? I LOVE using them.

Up next us "Us".
a bit eclectic, a bit busy....
but so fun, so us.
(pics from our trip to TN/NC this past Thanksgiving)
aren't those black flowers the BEST? Oh my...I want a kazillion of those!
they are in the kit. Just'll die over them too!

And finally...
our girl (photography: eight18photography)
I'm a bit biased but....I'm in awe of her beauty!
I love her. 

I was SO INSPIRED watching a tutorial on how to make
"twisty flowers" I saw on ELLE's STUDIO blog by her DT
member, Samantha, I just had to try them myself.
(thank you Elle & Samantha for that great tutorial!)

I used the book paper that came in The Girls Loft kit
for all the flowers
(well minus the Prima's that came in the kit)
Mine's  tad shabbier, with Shimmerz of course!
Once I had it all made....
I sprayed it with the new Vibez in Rusty Bottom,
and let it dry. Next I painted the tips with
Pearlz in Grey Flannel, let it dry then sprinkled glue
and the glitter all around.  Even in the centers of the
baby roses.
Here's a closeup:

so fun to make...
for the centers and the roses  you see at the top, I can't take credit in
those...I've seen SEVERAL tutorials on these. The most recent being
on the Studio Calico blog (by DT member: Davinie)
LOVED those flowers. I did the same technique to them as above
with the twisty flowers. 
Thank you Davinie & Studio Calico for the inspiration!

love how they turned out!
Thank you for taking the time to read my blog
and check out my projects!

now go enjoy your ♥ weekend,

p.s. I got an email the other day about some things like
how I got my "start" in scrapping.
THAT made my day. 
I was wondering...
would any of you like to know that story?
(it's really boring, so I understand if you say no, not really, LOL)
Do any of you have any questions for me?
Please, don't hesitate to ask me....


**Sneaks? Blizzards? Texas? WHAT?**

What the what?
Isn't that a Dairy Queen special?

Record breaking snowfall! It's been doing this ALL day.
Started around 2 am...heard the wind...looked outside and
was like "why hello there global warming...."
Just check this out:

My house today.  My hubby took this for me...

that thing on the left isn't a thing. Well it is...
it used to be a palm tree.
It got scared of the powdery white stuff, obviously!
those little things?
cute doggie paws...wait...where are they?
Under all that?

Here they are!
Well 2 of them...
running for dear life. No actually..guess what they are doing?
it was so funny...they'd jump up and bite the flakes.
I was DYING laughing ...
here's the oldest:
(sorry for the blurries...the snow was in my face
and they dogs were moving FAST!)

He's a middle sized, 20 lb dog.
Do you see his leg?
This is Texas...right?
I'm not sure how old I was the last time
I saw snow like this.
Was I even HERE then?

I haven't built a snowman yet.
I need to.
I wanted a heart shaped one.
That would be hard though, huh.

Sorry if I've bored the badonkers out of you...
Just can't get OVER this madness.
Where's the man who said this was Global Warming?
Lemme go shake his hand....(or hers? LOL)

OHH, wait.
You had a reason for coming here, didn't you.
Not to see snow, because you've seen it all
before, yes? Well...have I got something to show you!
First off...have  you checked out this month's GOODNESS
of a kit at "The Girls Loft?" Let me show you....

Delicious, right?  I mean...REALLY!!!
*YOU.MUST.HAVE* (go ahead, click the link, get it....♥)

Here's a few sneaks of what I did with the kit:

can't wait to share with you!
Enjoy your love weekend...
Tonight, as we hit the hay...
it's hit 10 inches snowfall and still
In fact, it's been snowing now for
24 hours.
I got out tonight as it was just 8.34 inches
and got these:

(rented them both on ITunes yesterday to
watch while creating...fell in love and had to have.)
This is our ♥ Day. 
this + some italian dish + some sort of chocolate dish
= happiness.

May your ♥ be full of
all things love like, chocolate like,
flowery like...whatever you like.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

*I love....*

Thought since I'm right in the middle of creating
fun things with The Girls Loft February Kit...
AND being this is the week of L♥VE....

I'd post a few things I just love....

my new toy the hubs got me...for my birthday last month.
Love*LOVE*♥♥♥ it. I named it:  ( laughing)
"Mr. Droidenairre"
he pretty much rocks! (he being hubby of course, LOL)

some pretties....

all of these lovelies. And I'm not just saying that.
Ok so I might be a *little* biased...but still...
a new box of all the colors is coming to me soon...yippee!!


Umm...yeah, pretty much THE best chicken. EVER.
If you ever see my FB status saying all things
DELICIOUS about this place...
now you know.
Just give me an i.v. and take away
the pounds it will definitely give if I 
could really  i.v. myself
every meal.....
But seriously,
Come to Texas. I'll take ya....;D
(just a shot I took...)

Good reads:
this book. LOVED it. He's one of my FAVE
authors and...I LOVE that they make his books into movies!
This one's coming soon...
Miley Cyrus will play the lead girl...

(also can't wait to see "Dear John" it too, loved it.)

and I love fun news, especially from:

♥ (frst time ever)

and because I just can't end a post
with what (errr I mean who)
I love the most (poet much?):

LOVE them. 

So, that's a little l♥vin' from me...

Been down with an ear issue the past few days
but good news!
FEELING much better, MUCH MUCH better.
Thank you for all the well wishes. I ♥ y'all!

Be back in a few with my The Girls Loft Feb. sneaks...
(yes, you WILL want this kit. Trust me.)

Hope you get lots of love this week!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

*Lucky In Love*

Yep...that's me.
But more blessed than lucky.
WAY  more....

Today I'm sharing with you my  1st assignments
I've done using my Shabby Chic tags.
Let me tell you about these fabu tags. Yes I said fabu...
as in fabu-licious! ;D 

I seriously love how versatile these LOVE tags are.
You can use them for anything!
Lovecards, love projects, non-love cards,
non-love projects. By non love I mean...
NOT valentines...because everything you create is
with love, right? ;D

I hope you enjoy what I did:
{**warning** PHOTO (and love) HEAVY!}

My loves

See? this one's full of love, either heart day love or non heart day love
check it out closer:
I cut one of the journaling labels in half and used as leaves.
I was kinda proud of me for that. ;D

and here's how lucky I am. (wait I mean blessed!)

clustering is my fave.  I love putting things in groups.
Especially when it comes to these tags!
This is one that could go either way, love or non love ..
(sorry for the poor quality, the weather today is dreary,
making my photo's of everything weary....looking.)

and I just love this kid:

see? So not a "love" layout (meaning Valentine's)
but still such a "love" layout (meaning...well...he's just loveable...)
(p.s. photography by
One of the boy's SR. photo's. ♥)

and one more layout:
because I LOVE love love HIM:
(hard to believe it's almost 20 years for us!)

yep...seems like only yesterday I fell in love...♥
I know, sorry to gross you all out....
but see? blessed.!
he's a keeper!
love those word cloud tags. Bet you couldn't tell, right?
Trust me, get your hands on them.

Want to see a little closer?

can I tell you how long that stitching took me?
since I can't "sew" with a machine, I have to resort
to hand....I think I watched an entire episode of
"Toddlers & Tiara's!" (stop laughing I love that show. I too
could have been a pageant mom, but not one of those that
does the moves in the sireebob!
So you're welcomem, Savannah.
Stopping pageants at 2 years old was your lucky day ;D)

Sorry...sidetracked  here....
want to see a card I made and actually LIKE?
(I'm SO not a card girl...I leave those for professionals!)

that was so easy. I think it took me what...15 minutes? (and that was just the stitching, LOL)
oh hey! I see adhesive! Ok ignore that...
now,  saving the best for last.
I LOVE this itty mini I did of "my loves".
and before you send me a note or 2 or blast me for using the same
title on 2 projects...remember it was after midnight
(and I plead the 5th on what time it actually was,
my mom reads here, ha!)
I know I did. On purpose.  (would you believe people
tell me I use the same photo, title and/or colors LOTS?
HMPH! ahh well...that's the thing with paper, glue and pics,
you get to do what you want...;D)
SOOO here's my mini:

I am. Blessed.
That's all for the love today...
Hope you've enjoyed it.

**don't forget to go to Shabby Chic and stock up
on all the tags I've used...PLUS more!!!! Enjoy
your shopping experience.  :D

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

**Feelin' Vibez???!!**

Can't you just FEEL the Vibez?
Exciting Shimmerz

Check out the COLORS:

Introducing VIBEZ....16 Vibrant Colors with intense
Shimmer and Shine!!! Watch the video above
and share it with your friends!
Shimmerz will be giving away a FULL Collection Set
of Vibez Miniz to one lucky blog reader that makes a
purchase from our site today! Set contains all 16 colors!

Aren't they DELISH?

So bright, so bold, so shimmery, so extraordinary!!
You're going to want to get your hands on them...
ALL of them! The new colors are beautiful!

Also...visit the Education Team Member's blogs below...
they are each giving away a bottle!
Jeni Boisvert
Lori Renn
Lucy Edson
Bethany Kartchner

I made a couple of things using some of the new Vibez:

I spritzed my Jenni Bowlin paper (that was red & cream)
with RazzleDazzle Berry. I also spritzed small Bazzill chipboard
circles with the same color, as well as my chipboard hearts. 
Really LOVE how BOLD the color is!

Here's a closeup:

and here's a little file folder card I made:

I punched 3 inch scallop flowers from Jenni Bowlin paper
and spritzed with Rolling In The Hay Vibez and
Rusty Bottom Vibez. I spritzed  my Prima "nakey" leaves
with Vertigre Vibez. THAT color is amazing. It has the coolness of
a gorgeous green with the SHIMMER of a copper penny! I'm in love.
I also spritzed Rusty Bottom  and Rolling In The Hay on top.
Mainly for more shimmer...and boy did I get shimmer!
My Pimra flower was first spritzed with Rolling In The Hay, then
I dried it using my heat gun. I spritzed Rusty Bottom on top...
giving this cool coppery effect. I LOVE how this turned out.
Here's a closeup:

Hurry today to the Shimmerz site to get yourself some YUMMY
VIBEZ!  If you've got a local scrapbook store, tell the owner to order some!
They won't be able to keep it on the shelves!

Have a lovely day...
and go get all Vibez-like!

**be back tomorrow with Shabby Chic sneaks!