Tuesday, March 30, 2010

**Shimmerz + Liz Kartchner = DELISH NEWS!!**

We have some Exciting News to share......

Liz Kartchner is the newest Face of Shimmerz!!!
She is excited to become a Shimmerz Endorsed Instructor and will be using Shimmerz Products in her upcomming classes!
Liz writes a monthy column for Creating Keepsakes Magazine called "Dear Lizzy", she wrote the book "52 more Scrapbooking Challenges" and has a fun Craft Line called "Dear Lizzy" from American Crafts.
Welcome to Shimmerz Liz!!! To learn more about Liz you can check out her inspiring blog HERE

FABULOUS NEWS! So excited to see what Liz does!
Aren't you??!!!!

**Nothing New..well maybe jerseys**

Nothing new to post...
Just wanted to tell my fam how much they mean to me.
I mean...
I just ordered us all matching jerseys.
ASHE 10...

I love y'all.

I even did a layout a while back on this very subject:

--feeling blessed
--feeling loved
--very thankful.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

*Spring Sprung - the class and.....*

If you are in the DFW area and have been wanting to take
a springy sprungy type of class,
have I got one for you!

I'll be teaching:
"Spring Sprung" 
@ Scrappers Boutique
in North Richland Hills, Texas
on the following dates and times:

4/15 @ 6:30 pm
4/24 @ 10:30 am

Cost:  $40

To sign up, simply call Cherie @ Scrappers Boutique
at the following number:  817.503.0777
Seating is limited so hurry and get yourself a spot!

In this class you will get to play with:

you willl also
learn fun techniques like:
-how to make cute flowers
-playing with fabric
-inking and distressing
-how to use Shimmerz to alter colors
if you are in the area and would LOVE this...
I'd LOVE to see you!

{**to note:  if you are from out of town & aren't able to make
either of these dates...Cherie is offering class kits for purchase.
Simply call:  817-503-0777
or visit the website for more information**}

in other crafty news:
Here's the full Shimmerz layouts
from the sneaks I shared
earlier this week:

"the bond":

Jenni B Coordinations Cardstock
(oh goodness, get that pack NOW! it's to DIE FOR!),
butterflies & buttons
Sassafrass Lass Apple Jack
Studio Calico stamps
this incredible canvas fabric I found at Hobby Lobby
cupcake holders
and beautiful flowers Daniela Dobson shared with me!

here's a couple of closeups:
and the next one:

Shimmerz Jeni B Bleu Vibez, Concrete Spritz,
foofala (we're talking old school foof here, LOL)
Sassafrass Lass Apple Jack, Sass letter stickers
Hobby Lobby Ribbon

Daniela had the prettiest butterfly die cut
with her. Taj decided to cut LOTS and lots of them for us to have.
I had the best time using the negative as stencils,
spraying Shimmerz all over,
then tracing around them.
I added the positive afterwards and made them "fly".

Here's a couple of closeups:
I loved playing with the butterflies!
Now I'm thinking about getting me a die cut machine!
Well bigger than my cute cute Slice that is...

So guess what I'm about to go do?
Meet Sassy Sasha Holloway at my local scrapbook store..
she's passing through on to the airport on her way to her new life
with her fam in England...
Can't wait to see her!

Have a fab day...
much love to all....

Monday, March 22, 2010

**Goings On**

Hi friends...hope you're doing well!
How was your weekend?
Your first day of Spring?
Ours looked a little something like this:
that's right...
this IS Texas.
and THAT
is snow.
I love God's sense of humor.
(Get ready...I'm digging deep here...)
I love how HE shows us that in ALL things...
be it springy spring (which we DID have the day before with our 70 degree Friday)
or a beautiful wintery one...(hello Saturday.) to fully rely on Him.

I know you're thinking... "WHAT is she talking about?"

Well let me explain a bit.
There's been a few trials we've had to go through lately.
{tough ones to be exact.}
I'm one to worry. One to wonder..."oh goodness, what next."
One to throw in the towel and say..."I give up."
When I stepped outside late Saturday night to get
in my car and saw my car piled with snow as if I
were in New York City on New Years Day...I giggled.
I got it. I listened.  HE was talking to me.
and...I truly listened.
Then...again I giggled.

Oh...you know you're a scrapper in Texas when you use
chipboard to rake snow off your windows instead of a scraper.
(Because being Texan...scrapers aren't something you'd find
in my glove compartment.  My garage maybe....lol)

I went to Scrappers Boutique on Saturday & cropped
all day & all night long with 2 of my sweet SWEET
Those girls kill me. Love them to pieces...they make me
laugh like no one's business!!
I worked on a few things.
One being my upcoming class at Scrappers Boutique.
I'll have it scheduled tomorrow and will come post
the date, time and even show you the entire piece then!
It's a class using all things spring!
7 Gypsies printer tray, Shimmerz, Jenni B.,
Dear Lizzy, and...well you'll just have to check back.
I'll share a snippet of it with you right now:

I'm so excited...
I can't wait to show you the rest!

Want to see a few things I did
using Shimmerz while at the crop?
(these will be debuted on the Shimmerz Blog as well as my own
tomorrow, so check back)

I'll stop being so long winded now...
Just wanted to continue to thank you SO much for the
prayers. We love you all so so much.
That light is starting to get brighter. An end is in sight.
I'll be at the other end of the tunnel in no time, right?
Thank you to my Heavenly Father for reminding me...
through that beautiful short Wintery Spring....
He's there.

Love to all,

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

*Me...being quite Revealing?*

Hi friends.
Thank you for stopping by my blog today!
I'm hoping you're ready to see lots of photos...as this post
is very photo heavy!

Revealing March's "Garden Party" by The Girls Loft today...
hope you enjoy:

Ahhhh...his eyes. Can't  you just swim in them! That is one cute cute
boy if I do say so myself (being biased and all...)
photo is courtesy eight 18 photography.
(Shaypher's SR. photo.)

There is SO MUCH to die for in this month's kit.
Lots of:  My Minds Eye, Crate Paper, Basic Grey,
AC, Maya Road,gorgeous trims,  handmade goodies...etc!!
Not to mention...burlap!

isn't' that burlap FABULOUS???
I'm hooked.

Next layout...
I know...simple word.
simple title.
but....totally fits.
plus...it is so her...
I added the Jenni B banners...
covered them with papers from the kit.
took the book paper, made those cute rosettes,
sprayed them with Shimmerz Vibez
and glued them down.
The flower at the bottom
was so easy...just simple handcut circles
and the inside?
it wasn't supposed to look that way.
I had the perfect flower in my noggin.
I started twisting & folding then realized
I didn't want to twist. or fold.
but since I did...
it's twisted. and folded.
I like it though...
that's the girl in her prom dress from last year.
photo is courtesy of eight18photography.
(one of her SR. photo's.)

here's closer:
I'm kind of addicted to these lil' rosettes. they are so easy!
you should try some.

and for my next one, "stop & go":
Check out THE coolest sewn border made of
flowers and circles.  GENIUS!
truly excited to see that in the kit!
I love that border.
I cut mine and made it 3D and ziggy zaggy.
I adore the chipboard flowers that are in the kit too.
Of course I Shimmerz'ized them. ;D

I used an 8x10 photo (eight 18 photography) and cut it in half,
then used my Martha Stewart border punch for the scallops on the
right side.  Journaling is all around the layout. It talks about how
I want my girl to always know to stop before she goes. Take in
all she can before hurrying off to the next thing. Be it literal in context
or not so literal.
To just remember to explore her surroundings.
Enjoy life, be ready for the not so fun days,
and never forget to be herself.
I love that girl.

see that border?  Yummmmmmmm.
used some of the burlap for flower centers.
Check out the gorgeous brown flower with rhinestone center!
That is in the kit too.
Seriously...drop dead gorgeous kit.

My last project to show is my mini I did.
We got this fun chipboard album in the kit and I knew exactly
right when I saw it what I wanted to do
using all of the delicious kit contents.
So here  you have it...
"The Fam":

I made tiny rosebud flowers with strips of the leftover
paper scraps.  See...you can use EVERY bit of this kit.
Don't throw away any scraps you have...use them up.

You can see the full album & all the pages
I created over at The Girls Loft blog.

Thank you so much for letting me share with you today!
I hope you've enjoyed seeing what I did with
March's kit:  Garden Party.
Be sure to get this kit.
You won't be able to stop creating once you open it up
and play, play play!

In other news...
I just picked up supplies @ Scrappers Boutique for the next
class I will be teaching VERY soon. It's a Springy class..
A home decor using 7 Gypsies printer tray & lots of Dear Lizzy.
Details and sneaks will be coming soon...stay tuned!

again, our family wants to thank you so very much
for all the positive thoughts, the many prayers,
the love and support from all of you.
Things might be starting to really look up,
but there's still that silent prayer request I have.
So if you don't mind...
would you please continue to ask God
to surround us? Thank you.
We love you.

Have a lovely LOVELY week.
Tomorrow my 2 sisters and I are travelling
down to Waco to see Savannah @ Baylor.
Can't wait...I know she just went BACK from
Spring Break..but I miss her! I can't wait to see her.
She's excited to show off her dorm to her aunt who
still hasn't seen it all decorated.

I also can't wait for Saturday...
going to crop with 2 sweet SWEET friends
@ Scrappers Boutique.


Friday, March 12, 2010

*Sneaky Me*

I thought I'd share some March The Girls Loft sneaks with you.
This kit is so beautiful, you must get it. Like now.
Here's a link to The Girls Loft March kit:  "Garden Party"

and here's a few sneaks of what I did using this gorgeous kit:

Can't wait to share the full reveal soon...
hope your day is going wonderful!
happy emails just came my way...
thank you scrapbook trends,
you made this girl smile today.

our ♥'s are so broken for our fellow Texan and friend of the kids, Alex Lambert.
Still can't believe he was sent home on Idol last night. America got that all wrong.
Click on Alex's name and you'll be directed to a fan page. On that fan page you will
find a petition you can sign to hopefully bring him back. 

one more p.s.
thank you for your prayers for our family.
we thank you and appreciate you more than you'll ever know.

Monday, March 8, 2010

*Star Quality, Buttons, plus a rough one...**

It's true.
I've got a couple of Star Quality kids.
I mean..I know every parent says that.
And I know every parent does.
But. It's true. I do.
I love to tell you about how fabulous these kiddo's are,
what they mean to me,
how they've helped me become the mom
I am. The woman I am.
The person I am.
I'm not perfect. I make mistakes.
Decisions that aren't always right,
but decisions that are. I live my life to the fullest
and make sure my kids do too.
I love the me I am. I love the life I live.

I'd like to take a quick moment to give
God all the glory for blessing me
with my 2 Star Quality kids.
And now I'd like to show you a layout I did
about one of mine...the boy.
He's graduating in a few weeks. I'm getting ready to order
graduation announcements. ::sigh::.
I'm not ready.
But are we ever?
Here's my Star Quality boy.

I created this layout using Tessa Ann Design buttons..go get them.
They are:  Oh Snap!! They can be found by clicking the link.
Go get them!
Wait...go get ALL of Tessa Ann's fab buttons!
(photography by eight 18 photography)
I just love that camera button in this set! AND the stars...
ohhh I love love LOVE stars.
Tessa Ann is so creative!!
I'm so lucky to be on her creative team!
It's my week on her blog, so go check it OUT!

I've got closeup's for you too:
(had to remove layout for publication. it will be back soon!)

I hope you've enjoyed seeing these gorgeous buttons at work.
Thank you for stopping by to check them out.

I'm going to humble myself before you..my friends and family.
If you are a praying person...
could you PLEASE lift a silent prayer up for my family?
Just to let you know, no one is hurt. No one is sick.
We just need serious prayers.
It was a rough ROUGH week last week.
Hoping that the light I can see glimmering
at the end of the tunnel will soon be shining
so bright I need to shade them.

I thank you from the tip of my heart to the bottom.
and if I could...I'd give you all a huge hug.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Can I just tell you how PROUD I am of our local Fort Worth
boy, fellow friend of both my kids
American Idol Contestant Alex Lambert?

That kid, through his fears, proves to all of America...
he's got it.  I LOVE his voice.

Did you hear him last night?

I think it's cool that the kids can root on a friend like that...
We're certainly rooting for him, GOOO Alex. We know you
can make it far!

In other news....
the princess comes home this Friday for Spring Break...
yippee!!  I'm so excited to get to spend the entire week
with her...doing girly things. Afterall...I AM the only
girl right now in this full of men (both human and dogs, LOL)
so it will be nice...

OH! And tomorrow night @ midnight
The hubs & I will be here....
3D'ing it....

SO excited.  CANNOT wait.
LOVE Johnny Depp. LOVE him.

Guess what else!
I'm a guest blogger.
I've never been a guest blogger before!
Sudie, sweet sweet Sudie @ Unkit
asked me to be her guest this week.
It's just gone live.
Thanks for having me Sudie!
THAT was FUN!!!

off to watch the girls on Idol.
Have a GREAT night.

I got this in the mail today:
The Girls Loft March kit.
Sneaks coming soon...