Wednesday, November 28, 2012

*boxes the meantime...*

hi everyone!
just a quick drive by post today...

I've got LOTS to share with you, but I'm busy taking pics
& packing boxes for sale & wanted to update you & let you know
- I had more than I even thought I had!
Which delayed me a day or 2 - so by tomorrow or Friday
I'll have everything stay tuned!

Until about another couple of  glimpses at my cuties from our fall photo shoot:

back soon with box pictures & all the info!!!

Monday, November 26, 2012

*A Little Merry Merry w/ Lily Bee & Focus w/ Noel Mignon*

Hi friends, Happy Monday!

This post is going to be FULL of things, so make sure you're comfy, have something
to drink & are ready to relax...

Up first today I have a couple of Christmas cards I made for the Lily Bee blog today
along with Ursula - "Focus On Holiday Cards"
Card #1:  Merry Christmas!
don't look too close. you'll see my "oops." i'm not even afraid to admit there's one there.
remind me to remind myself to always ALWAYS check my project before I take
the photo and edit to share. (::duh me::)
I used Lily Bee's fabulous Christmas Cheer line. YUM. I love it.
Card #2:  Christmas Cheer

to see up close photo's & Ursula's beautiful cards, check out the blog!
Here's the link again:  Focus on Holiday Cards
next up I have a layout to share that's up on the Noel Mignon blog:
I used leftovers I had from my November Willow Creek kit.
(I think there might be a few left!)
That's a photo I just took of my kiddo's this past weekend while they were home
on Thanksgiving break.
They're each holding a vintage Polaroid from my vintage camera's.
I couldn't WAIT to scrap that one.

Here's a couple of closer shots:
The sunburst is a negative from a layout I did earlier this month called "Epic"
Also - you'll notice the "hello" bubble is almost exactly like the one I used on my last
post with my Circle Journal. They were cut together - same file, just different shapes.
Another file I cut using my Cameo is the little camera die. how cute is THAT! I love it.
I hand cut my heart & orange leaves & cut the flowers from the patterned paper.
The December kit just got here a few days ago & I can't wait to dive into it for
my post next week! It's AMAZING!So full of fun goodies!
and finally - I wanted to ask. Did you have a GREAT Thanksgiving?
We did! Alan deep fried 2 delish turkeys & we cooked a ham. My house was FULL
of family! I can't believe we almost needed another turkey. It was crazy!
We had so much fun. Savannah bought us a great game to play:

(all iPhone shots - sorry for the was late!)
my sweet son drove in from San Marcos:
(ack! super blur!)
how cute are THEY!

just a little preview of a shoot I took of them - here's another:
more soon!
I hope you've enjoyed my blog today!
I'll be sharing some American Crafts layouts tomorrow - check back!

I'll be filling many scrapbook goodie boxes & selling right here
on my blog for $40 (priority shipping included!!)

Pics will be up of my stacks for sale tomorrow or Wednesday
at the latest!
You'll be able to purchase through Paypal - I'll call it my Cyber WEEK sale!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

*Circle Journal - Noel Mignon*

Have you ever made a circle journal?

I haven't!
A group of friends from Noel Mignon got together & decided to do just that.
There's 6 of us in the group & I am so excited I decided to be a part!

I had fun putting mine together. We had open field to do whatever we wanted.
A theme, no theme, use file folders, use paper, was our decision.

I made a little tutorial on the Noel Mignon blog if you want to check out
how I made my album. 
I used my Silhouette Cameo & these files for my cover & my folder:
on Kraft cardstock.
here's the rest of my folder (each girl will have their own folder to decorate)

and I used the November Willow Creek kit from Noel Mignon.
first time creating my circle journal really made me happy! I can't wait to get the
other girls and play. I hope they enjoy receiving this one. It will be fun to see it at the end
all filled with everyone's work. That's the fun of a circle journal!
I will definitely do this again.
Happy almost Turkey Day!
Hope you're having a great week getting ready. My entire family will be here
at our house Thursday & I'm excited. My son comes home tomorrow from college & boy
am I so glad to finally see his sweet face after not seeing him since we moved him to
Texas State this past August.
Our daughter goes to North Texas - and is only about 45 minutes away so we get to see her
rather frequently. It will be a JOY to have them both home! I already told them beware:
PICTURES galore will be happening.
Have a great week - be back soon!
leaving you with a little collage I put together of our Lilly Pulitzer.
She just turned 1 year old 2 days ago.
She's been such a JOY!
Here's a little something I posted about her on Facebook:
Today I'm thankful that this past January my beautiful daughter Savannah 
 decided she wanted a little girl puppy & we ventured out to the DFW Humane Society
(a no kill shelter) and found the sweetest little 8 week baby chiweenie
(chihuahua/dachshund) girl.
Lilly Pulitzer has lit up all our lives, made us say a many
"thanks Lilly" (tiny accidents),
and realized that a tiny helpless puppy can really mend a broken heart,
make everyone laugh, and just delight in our lives with her beside us.
To the most loyal little girl pup ever, happy 1st birthday Lilly Pulitzer!
Time for pup cakes!
back soon....

Monday, November 12, 2012

*Warm Wishes plus an Oh Hay!*

Happy Monday, y'all!
Finally looking like fall around here in this part of Texas.
I keep wanting to stop & take pics of the trees turning yellow, some red, some orange
because in a few weeks, they'll be the lovely shade of brown.

Today I want to share a couple of projects I have up on blogs -

First up is my card I did for Prima - for our 12 Days of Christmas.
My card is for day 7 & I'm sending you some Warm Wishes:
to see all my supplies I used & a couple of close up shots, check out the
Prima Blog today.
While you're at it, catch up on days 1-6 and check every day for all 12 days! You'll be
so inspired & get in the spirit of the Christmas season coming up. 
Also - I have this up today on the Noel Mignon blog:
I used the November Willow Creek kit. I LOVE that kit!
Do you have yours yet? It comes with this yummy distress stain by Ranger.
I did a little technique with it - see my leaves?
Check out my blog post today at Noel Mignon to see close up shots, how I did what I did
& while you're there - go get yourself that kit! You'll thank me later.

p.s. isn't that pic of my sweet great niece, presley the CUTEST!
I shot that on my iPhone as we were about to leave. I love her little
face. She's the most darling child!
I need to run - the store is calling my name!
I'll be back soon. I may or may not have some fun news to share soon.
have a great day!
Lilly Pulitzer says..."come see me soon!"

Sunday, November 11, 2012

*Button Ornament*

Hi friends!

I have had SO many requests for a tutorial for these ornaments I made
for friends and family a few years ago:

y'all are SO sweet to not only like my little button ball ornaments,
but to ask me to make a tutorial!
I've created one JUST for you.
You'll be SURPRISED how easy it really is.

Here's everything you'll need:
-styrofoam balls. (not just any - you'll want the heavier duty ones like these because you'll be
using hot glue or a strong liquid glue & you don't want it to crumble or melt.
you can get whatever size you want. the size of the ornmanet is up to you. I've made ALL sizes, this one being my favorite)
-pins with round heads on them (you can get these in colors anywhere, not just white.)
-buttons (whatever color, theme, size you desire)
-ribbon (for the top of your ball)
-ornament hooks (get the longer ones. the short ones are a pain in the patook!)
-hot glue gun OR strong liquid adhesive (I used my glue gun)
1)  I found it's easier to start placing  your buttons, using pins to hold them in place
(either 1 pin or 2, whatever seems most secure in your opinion) 
in a circle around the middle of your ball & keep adding buttons on top
of that row and below that row until your ornament is covered.
You WILL see white spaces between your buttons. (styrofoam)
which is totally preferential.
Either leave them that way or layer on top of other buttons as I did.
(see in first ball)

2)  continue to fill your ornament by using pins to place buttons
all over the styrofoam ball and be sure to leave an empty space at the top of your
ornament, about the size of a dime (this will be for the hook & ribbon). 
You might need to fill in some of the white when all is done, that's totally ok.
The size of your ribbon will depend on this.
3)  once your ornament is completely covered (except for the empty spot as described),
you can now take a pair of scissors & dig a small hole.
Place hot glue in the hole & quickly add your hook.
-you can either wait for your hot glue to dry THEN tie your ribbon around the hook  - OR
-go ahead and adhere your bow (that's been previously tied) on the top, in front of the hook .

4)  there really doesn't need to be a step 4, because you're DONE. **Yay!!**
BUT if you decide here you want to go back and layer more buttons
on top of buttons, go ahead.
It's YOUR ornament, make it any way you desire.


I hope you've enjoyed this tiny but EASY tutorial on how I made my ball ornaments.
As you can tell, I am a HUGE fan of color.
My tree is full of fun, whimsical colors, Santa's,
snowmen, patterns, etc....
I love this kind of stuff! If you're more of a subtle color person
or just want more of an elegant look - try cream, black, gold, silver,
blues...those would be gorgeous!
I've also made styrofoam Christmas trees for my table at Christmas
using this same technique.

What would be even MORE fun?
Make balls full of buttons for EVERYDAY decorations.
Place them in a bowl, tray or vase for a fun touch to your home decor.
Have fun! I'll be back tomorrow with a Noel Mignon post :D
I'll leave you with a few more images of some of the balls I've made: